Wizz Air named worst for travel delays, try these airlines instead

Travel chaos continues as Wizz Air was labelled the least punctual airline operating out of UK airports in 2021.

Want to be punctual? Don't fly Wizz air
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Want to be punctual? Don't fly Wizz air

Wizz Air was named the worst performer in punctuality compared to its peers last year, says The Guardian.

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Flying out of 10 UK airports, the Hungarian budget airline offers low prices but high chances of delays. According Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) data cited in Sky News, Wizz Air flights were found to run an average of over 14 minutes late, while the average delay amongst all airlines was around 8 and a half minutes.

Peer Performance

Wizz Air’s competitors, easyJetand Ryanair, could be better options if you want to fly on-time without breaking bank. They performed better in punctuality than other popular airlines like British Airways and Loganair, superseded by only Aer Lingus whose typical delay was just over 3 minutes.

In response to the CAA’s analysis, travel editor Guy Hobbs stated:

Holidaymakers have faced a barrage of disruption over the last few months, and these latest figures only serve to underline the need for urgent reform of the travel industry.
Peer Performance bunhill

Bad news for customers

The analysis comes after the government has proposed plans to slash customer compensation packages for delayed flights.

Currently, customers flying from Edinburgh to London can claim £220 if their flight is delayed more than 3 hours, says The Guardian. This is irrespective of price paid, but excludes delays due to severe weather disruptions.

Changes to the Department for Transport’s (DfT) policies could mean that customer compensation could be as little as £12.50 for a £50 flight that is delayed by 90 minutes. Unlike the current policy, the new regulations would be linked to the price passengers paid for their tickets.

The DfT argues that it is the travel sector’s responsibility to send passengers on their holidays in a timely manner, while Hobbs has urged:

The government must drop plans to slash passenger compensation for delayed and cancelled domestic flights.

With airlines still recovering from staff shortages due to Covid-19 layoffs, customers could continue to be disappointed with travel outcomes. To better your chances of a timely take-off, however, it may be best to avoid Wizz Air. It doesn't seem to live up to its name.

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