Sarah Ferguson rules out remarriage with Prince Andrew: 'We are very happy as we are'

There has been a lot of hearsay that Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew could tie the knot once again given their very close relationship. Fergie has finally spoken out about the rumours.

Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson marriage
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Prince Andrew Sarah Ferguson marriage

Sarah Ferguson and Prince Andrew… these two might be some of the most controversial royals ever. Indeed, ever since their short wedding in the 1980s and their divorce in the 1990s they have, separately, been got caught in scandals.

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However, even though their respective controversies had little to do with each other, the two former spouses always remained close. Not only that, through tough times they had each other’s backs - stepping in with a check to bail one out of bankruptcy or offering support when royal titles and patronages were taken away.

Amid all the trouble Prince Andrew has caused and Sarah Ferguson's cancer diagnosis, experts, commentators and royal fans have always had one question—should these two remarry?

Should Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson remarry?

The thought of the former couple remarrying has been going around since the end of 2023, ever since Sarah Ferguson made a surprise appearance at Sandringham for the Royal Family’s Christmas Day Church service.

At the time, her presence made headlines and many speculated as what the real reason for it could be. Then, on 29 December The Daily Beast shared the words of an anonymous friend who believed the Duke and Duchess would remarry.

They reportedly said:

It seems inevitable now that they will just formalize it within a few years and remarry. They live in the same house, they spend all their time together, they adore the children, they don’t ever argue.

A month later, in his column for Daily Mail, Richard Kay explained why he believes that remarrying might be the best thing to do for the two. He writes:

(...) while the couple themselves have insisted they are happy as they are, living together as friends, a marriage might represent a solution to all their current difficulties.

The royal expert continues to explain:

For Fergie, it would reward all the loyalty she has shown Andrew

The column continues by highlighting the possibility that a marriage could be very beneficial for Prince Andrew’s popularity. According to the royal watcher ‘taking a wife’ could ‘soften public scorn’. The writer also alleged that marrying the Duchess again could help the Prince in his battle to keep Royal Lodge as it would make the residence a ‘family home’.

Richard Kay ends his column on a very interesting note stating that the two have ‘become co-dependent’.

Another royal expert disagrees

On a contrasting note, royal author Victoria Arbiter explained on GB News that she doesn’t see a future in which the Duke and Duchess of York could remarry.

Express reports her words:

their current situation seems to suit them both well so why complicate things?

This is a relevant question considering the fact that, despite being divorced, the two continue to live together at Royal Lodge (in different wings). Moreover, talking to The Telegraph in 2021 Sarah Ferguson famously said that her and Prince Andrew ‘are the most content divorced couple in the world.’

Arbiter continues:

They’ve always shown immense loyalty towards each other and clearly their relationship works exactly as it is.

As Richard Kay himself pointed out at the end of his column, the two royals have what seems to be healthy family relationships, both between each other and with their children, so why should they change that?

It seems that Sarah Ferguson agrees on keeping things the way they are.

Sarah Ferguson speaks out about her relationship with ex-husband

In June 2024, she addressed the rumours, whispers, and questions that have been circulating about a possible remarriage. She told Bella Magazine in an interview:

I get asked that all the time. We are very happy as we are now, thank you!

She even went on to talk about what it's like being married to a Prince of the Royal Family:

Of course, being in the public eye constantly brings challenges, but also great privileges. I hope I have used whatever platform I have to bring about some good, particularly in terms of my charity work.

As we ourselves reported at the end of December, there are some drawbacks to remarrying, especially for Sarah Ferguson. Indeed, as a non official member of the Royal Family, she benefits from a level of freedom that just couldn’t happen otherwise.

Sarah Ferguson has been a guest on many TV shows and also co hosted This Morning on ITV – as the wife of the most controversial member of the Royal Family, it is doubtful that she would be able to do such a thing as his reputation would surely reflect on her.

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