Prince Andrew wasn’t the only royal involved in Epstein’s trafficking, claims victim Virginia Giuffre

Virginia Giuffre has stated that she was trafficked to both Prince Andrew and another royal.

Another royal involved in Epstein’s trafficking circle Virginia Giuffre
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Another royal involved in Epstein’s trafficking circle Virginia Giuffre

The Epstein scandal is all over the news as Prince Andrew’s reputation is once more dragged across the coals. Previously unreleased court documents listing the names of very high profile people associated with the notorious criminal and his long-term companion Ghislaine Maxwell have been incrementally released this month. In these documents, the public can read testimonials and depositions from various women who allege they were trafficked by Epstein to high profile men.

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In various documents, Epstein victims Virgina Giuffre and Sarah Ransome confirm that Prince Andrew was part of the group who carried out the calculated abuse of underage girls. They also say that cameras located around Epstein’s property documented the awful events that took place, though there is speculation over the tapes’ existence.

With the most recent batch of documents came a shocking revelation: Virgina Giuffre claimed in a witness statement that Prince Andrew was not the only royal she was forced to have relations with.

Virginia Giuffre claimed she was made to sleep with another ‘Prince’

The newly-unsealed deposition became available to the public earlier this week, and it documents Virginia’s exact words from her witness statement. Virginia claimed that, at the direction of Epstein and Maxwell, she slept with a foreign royal while in the south of France.

During the interview, she is asked if she was trafficked to any other world leaders, as well as Prince Andrew. She says yes, she was instructed to sleep with a man who was introduced to her as a ‘prince’. This took place in ‘a resort’ where the group was having a 'big party', but Virginia didn’t know the host or the exact location.

Virginia explained that she couldn’t tell where the royal was from and didn’t know his name; he spoke in a ‘foreign tongue’ but also ‘spoke English as well’. She alleges that she met this Prince around the same time she met Prince Andrew in 2001.

Clinton’s reputation also took a hit

Virginia also named several other high profile names who she was introduced to through Epstein. She stated that she had seen Clinton on Epstein’s Caribbean island, notoriously named ‘Pedo Island’ by locals, twice. While the former President has admitted he flew on Epstein’s plane - on which much of the abuse was carried out - several times, he denies ever having stepped on the island of Little Saint James.

Virginia actually never claimed Clinton had partaken in any wrongdoing. However, during a 2016 deposition, another Epstein accuser Johana Sjoberg claimed that the financier had told her that Clinton ‘likes them young’. There is no evidence to suggest that Clinton ever visited the island, and he insists that he didn’t know about Epstein’s twisted behaviour.

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