Prince Andrew: Disgraced Duke is the latest family member to lose Royal protection

Prince Andrew is stripped of his taxpayer-funded protection from the Metropolitan Police as he’s no longer a working Royal and isn’t entitled to it anymore.

Prince Andrew's taxpayer-funded Royal protection to be replaced
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Prince Andrew's taxpayer-funded Royal protection to be replaced

After being stripped of his Royal duties and status, Prince Andrew’s taxpayer-funded Royal protection will now be replaced with Private bodyguards who can only carry tasers. The disgraced Duke – although still a high-profile figure – will have to figure out his security on his own.

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Andrew’s not eligible anymore

This comes after Prince Andrew wrote to Home Office ministers last month to complain about losing his taxpayer-funded protection. The Duke, who hasn’t been in an official role since 2019, still wanted the public to pay for his security.

Prince Andrew Karwai Tang

Prince Andrew’s protection is estimated to be around £3 million a year, according to The Sun, and since he’s no longer a working Royal, taxpayers shouldn’t have to fund his security. Norman Baker, former Home Office minister and Privy Council member, said:

Armed protection has always been a status symbol for the likes of Prince Andrew.
Of course, he should pay it himself and not burden the taxpayer because he is a private individual and carries out no public duties.
People like David Beckham pay for their own security so why shouldn’t Prince Andrew. But there needs to be more accountability on who and how security is being paid overall.

Meanwhile, an insider added:

Andrew is no longer a working royal and carries out zero royal duties so there is no automatic right that the British people should pay for armed protection.
Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Andrew Mark Cuthbert
He is still a high-profile person and would be no doubt a security target. But there is no longer any justification for taxpayers to carry the cost of armed police.
It is a shattering blow to his ego. Made worse by fact if he cannot afford it he’d be cap in hand begging for money from his older brother.

Could King Charles pay for his security?

It is speculated that King Charles might be paying for Prince Andrew’s new team of bodyguards – mostly ex-Met officers. However, Buckingham Palace has refused to comment on the matter. Norman Baker added:

We should know who is paying and how much. I would bet that the taxpayer will end up paying for this indirectly anyway.
King Charles and Prince Andrew Max Mumby
I would imagine the King could put it through the Duchy of Lancaster then be able to say it is expenses incurred as part of his duties and off-set it against tax.

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The Sun: Prince Andrew’s taxpayer-funded royal protection cops to be replaced by private bodyguards who can only carry tasers

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