Here’s a look at the UK’s politicians and their partners

British politicians have varying levels of success when it comes to keeping their romantic lives out of the spotlight.

UK politicians partners spouses
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UK politicians partners spouses

In the bustling world of UK politics, the public figures themselves grab the headlines, while their partners often remain in the shadows. The roles these partners play, the support they provide, and the personal sacrifices they make are crucial to the success of these influential individuals. So, how do you go about keeping your private life private when you are a public figure?

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Being a politician’s partner

Politicians’ partners are often overshadowed by their spouse’s career. Some like it that way, hoping to keep as low a profile as possible and continue with their own life and work. For instance, Sir Keir Starmer’s wife Victoria is a solicitor who currently works in occupational health for the NHS. However, when you are married to the Prime Minister, avoiding the spotlight sometimes becomes a challenge.

Rishi Sunak’s wife Akshata Murty, for example, is often in the public eye. She is businesswoman with her own clothing line and an heiress to a fortune worth billions. Akshata spoke warmly about Sunak on the last day of the Conservative Party Conference earlier this month, where she introduced him for his speech. However, she has madeheadlines as the richest PM’s wife and there has been a lot of speculation over her finances and spending habits.

Politicians’ history of cheating

People in power sometimes think they can get away with indiscretions here and there. Though this is often true, reports of affairs and misbehaviour often bubble back up to the surface.

Former PM Boris Johnson, for example, has had many affairs. Most notably, while he was editor at The Spectator, he had an affair with one of his columnists, Petronella Wyatt. In 2004 the affair came to light, and Boris was forced to quit as shadow arts minister and party vice-chairman for having misled then-Conservative leader Michael Howard about his behaviour.

Similarly, in 2021, then-Health Secretary Matt Hancock was caught (by CCTV, ouch) having a secret affair with his closest aide.He has since spoken on Celebs SAS: Who Dares Win about quitting government and breaking lockdown rules for ‘love’.

So, perhaps politicians don’t cheat on their partners any more than the average person, but one thing is for sure: the fallout is much worse when it is splashed all over headlines across the UK.

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