David Cameron's net worth: The former PM is worth millions, here's where he got his money

As David Cameron returns to politics, let’s take a look at his personal wealth.

David Cameron foreign secretary salary net worth wealth
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David Cameron foreign secretary salary net worth wealth

David Cameron made an unexpected return to politics on Monday 13 November as part of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s cabinet reshuffle. Cameron served as PM himself for 6 years, becoming the youngest Prime Minister in 198 years in 2010 and staying in office until 2016. He resigned on the morning of the Brexit result, having taken a gamble to hold a referendum on Britain’s EU membership that ultimately backfired.

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Cameron then resigned as MP for Witney a few months later, in September 2016, and took a break from politics. However, following Suella Braverman’s removal as Home Secretary, David Cameron has made a comeback. As James Cleverly stepped into Braverman’s old position, this left the role of Foreign Secretary open. It seems Rishi Sunak believes Cameron is the man for the job. He may well be freshly employed, but Cameron certainly isn’t doing it for the money alone. He’d have no need, seeing as he has a whopping net worth already. Here’s how he made his millions.

David Cameron’s lavish lifestyle

The former PM lives with his wife Samantha and their three children, Nancy, Arthur Elwen and Florence. Their first born child, Ivan, tragically passed away in 2009 after a battle with cerebral palsy and epilepsy.

The family have three properties: a Cotswolds cottage that reportedly cost £1.5million, a Cornwall holiday house that they purchased for £2million, and a London home in Notting Hill that cost - wait for it - an eyewatering £3.5million. The Camerons reportedly took out a mortgage for their London townhouse just days before the EU referendum.

The family have paid for private education for all of their children, and Elwen’s school fees reportedly cost them around £30,000-a-year.

David Cameron’s net worth

So, we know that Cameron has cash to splash. But just how rich is he? The Sun reported that the former PM has a net worth of £40million.

Of course, his salary of £150,000 over his 6 years in office would have had him sitting nicely, but Cameron has continued to make money after his resignation.

One of the ways he does this is through public speaking gigs. He also published a book, For the Record, which was reportedly bought by publisher William Collins for a staggering £800,000.

However, Cameron has also inherited massive wealth from his father. Ian Cameron was a stockbroker and left his son £300,000 in his will. Now, the former PM will of course receive a salary for his role as Forgein Secretary. According to Express:

the Prime Minister’s spokesman confirmed that David Cameron will be paid the standard Lords salary for a Secretary of State of £104,360

However, he will not be enjoying the House of Lords’ £315-a-day expenses allowance, which has been left out of the deal. This may come as a blow but, looking at the facts, it seems likely he’ll manage fine without it.

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