Calvin Robinson: What is the former GB News presenter's net worth?

Since the end of September, Calvin Robinson has become a vehement critic of his former employer GB News. Let’s take a look at his career and net worth.

Calvin Robinson net worth GB News
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Calvin Robinson net worth GB News

Calvin Robinson used to be a regular host on GB News before he was suspended and dismissed at the beginning of October 2023. His dismissal followed that of Laurence Fox and the suspension of Dan Wootton.

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After Fox went on a sexist rant against political journalist Ava Evans on Wootton’s show, GB News received thousands of Ofcom complaints. As a consequence, Fox was fired and Wootton was suspended. Wootton is still being investigated by the channel.

Calvin Robinson has been a vehement defender of Fox and Wootton and this is what got him into trouble with GB News. However, despite having lost his spot at the channel, Robinson continues to be associated with it, but this time as one of its strongest critics.

Calvin Robinson against GB News

Since Dan Wootton’s forced exit from the channel, Robinson has taken space as a critic of the news channel. However, it didn’t start this way. At first, when Wootton was suspended, Robinson took to X to express his support for the presenter. His statement includes:

I will not be appearing on Dan Wootton Tonight without Dan Wootton.
Dan Wootton had a significant part to play in building GB News. (...) GB News is more than a job - it’s certainly more than a chance to be on the telly - it is a mission. (...) We must do all we can to avoid GB News becoming just another MSM outlet.

In his statement, he also took the time to warn GB News against their decision.

Our bosses are scared. Afraid of Ofcom, afraid of the woke mob, and afraid they’re going to run out of money unless they manage to sort this advertising problem out. If they pander to the woke mob, we are finished. Someone else might get the prime time slot for a bit, but it will not be a promotion if you jump in Dan’s grave.

In this statement it also seemed like Robinson was still proud to belong to the ‘GB News family’. He ended his statement with the idea that ‘standing up for Dan is standing up for the very idea of GB News.’ Though nothing really stood out as criticism, in the end, standing up for Dan Wootton was enough to get GB News against him. After this tweet, Robinson was suspended.

Almost immediately he became one of the channel’s strongest critics. Notably he appeared on Sky News where he said he didn’t understand why he had been dismissed. In that interview he also stated that he didn’t think GB News should not be named because it is a channel mostly about commentary.

Since then Robinson has continued to criticise GB News on X and on other TV channels. Just last week, he called out Nigel Farage for saying he and Laurence Fox ‘weren’t team players’.

Calvin Robinson’s net worth

While Calvin Robinson is very loud about his beliefs, not much is known about his personal life. What is known is that Robinson has worked in different fields throughout his life.

Before becoming a broadcaster and political commentator, it is reported that he was a computer science teacher. He then changed path and is now a figure of British TV. He collaborates with publications such as The Daily Telegraph and Daily Mail.

Politically, Robinson ran for office in 2016 and 2018, unsuccessfully both times. He is a supporter of Brexit and doesn’t believe that the Church should allow same-sex marriage.

It is believed that his net worth could range from £1 to £5 million pounds.

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