Sarah Ferguson reveals details about her traumatic childhood

Sarah Ferguson’s life may have turned out great, marrying a Prince and so on. However, her childhood wasn’t as simple or glamorous.

Sarah Ferguson reveals details about her traumatic childhood
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Sarah Ferguson reveals details about her traumatic childhood

Sarah Ferguson married Prince Andrew in 1986. The couple then divorced 10 years later. Despite their divorce, the two stayed friends and continue to live together at Royal Lodge. Even though Fergie’s life turned out great - even with the divorce and bankruptcy - her childhood was a lot harder.

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Sarah Ferguson was abandoned by her mother

In an interview with OK!Sarah Fergusontalks about her childhood but more specifically her parents' divorce in 1974. Fergie that her mother, Susan Barrantes, moved to Argentina to live with her new boyfriend in 1972, Sarah was only 13.

The Duchess of York then explained that her father, Ronald Ferguson, was quite absent and ‘lived’ on the horse and polo ground. Then, Fergie’s sister, Jane, moved to Australia, ultimately leaving her to manage the household.

Fergie told OK!:

I think looking back on it, my parents’ separation and my mother’s decision to leave us and move to South America had a profound impact on me


I don’t know if it would now be called post-traumatic stress disorder, but certainly my mental health suffered.

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Sarah Ferguson’s trauma shaped her adulthood

Fergie then talks about how her parents’ divorce allowed her to express her feelings later on in life and shaped the way she brought up her two daughters, Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie.

She talks about how she encourages her children to speak up about their feelings and to share them with her, despite growing up in a different environment.

I am now very comfortable in talking about my emotions and I encourage my girls to be the same, but that is not how I was brought up. In some ways I actually thank my mother now for leaving, because it made me absolutely determined never to do anything like that to my own children.

Once again the Duchess of York talks about her close relationship with the late Queen Elizabeth. According to Fergie, the two of them were very close, and right up until she died in September 2022, the two spent a lot of time together. Fergie said she was ‘heartbroken’ when Queen Elizabeth died.

Her Majesty was an incredible head of state, an incredible mother-in-law and an incredible friend
I used to have to pinch myself when I was sitting with her and asking her advice. Her door always remained open to me and we saw a lot of each other right up to the end, for which I will always be grateful. I miss her more than words can express.

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