Raquel Welch: New details about her death have been revealed

Raquel Welch the iconic American actress from the 60s died in February 2023. At the time, the cause of death was not specified, but new details have emerged.

Raquel Welch new details about her death have been revealed
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Raquel Welch new details about her death have been revealed

The world of entertainment was in mourning. On Wednesday, February 15, Raquel Welch died at the age of 82 years. The latter was an icon in the 60s in the United States. She played in many series such as My beloved witch or CSI Miami.

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Raquel Welch died on February 15, 2023

After the brutal announcement of the death of Austin Majors (Desperate Housewives), the world of entertainment took another hit. On Wednesday, February 15, the actress and sex symbol of the 60s Raquel Welch died in the early morning in Los Angeles. The announcement was confirmed a few hours later by her manager.

Steve Sauer said:

Her career spanned over 50 years starring in over 30 films and 50 television series and appearances

According to her manager, Raquel Welch passed away 'peacefully' at the age of 82 from a 'brief illness.'

She left behind her two children: Damon Welch and Tahnee Welch as well as many fans who grew up alongside her. The actress had succeeded in imposing herself in the cinema, but also on the small screen and was very adored.

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Raquel Welch died of a cardiac arrest

It has been almost two months since the iconic actress died, however, new details about her cause of death have been revealed through her death certificate. The death certificate was obtained by TMZ.

The death certificate lists Alzheimer's as Welch's cause of death. The certificate also notes that the actress suffered from a cardiac arrest as a contribution. Indeed Raquel had heart failure, as reported by The Independent.

Raquel Welch was a 60s icon

Raquel Welch became famous for her role in Richard Fleischer's 1966 film Fantastic Voyage. She especially became famous and a sex symbol in the United States thanks to her role as a naiad in A Million Years Before Christ, released the same year. 'They were all in love with this kind of superwoman from the Amazon,' she said of her performance in the film.

A beauty icon, Raquel Welch has a string of roles in theatres and even won a Golden Globe in 1974 with the remake of The Three Musketeers. The actress indeed made an appearance in season 1 of My beloved Witch in 1964 alongside Elizabeth Montgomery.

In 1995, Raquel Welch appeared in the series Lois and Clark where she played Diana Stride. A year later, she made an appearance in Sabrina The Teenage Witch, where she played the role of Vesta Spellman. Finally, in 2012, the star agreed to play in CSI Miami. Many celebrities such as Titus Welliver, Paul Feig and Ray Harryhausen have paid her a heartfelt tribute.

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