Alison Hammond: All the men the TV host has dated over the years

Alison Hammond is known as a very bubbly and chatty TV host, however, her love life isn’t as effervescent as her personality. However, recently, she may have let slip a new romance.

Alison Hammond new relationship
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Alison Hammond new relationship

Alison Hammond rose to fame in 2002 when she appeared on Big Brother and won the hearts of the millions watching. Thanks to her debut on the reality TV show, Hammond began a television career and went on to host other popular shows such as This Morning and The Great British Bake Off, which she also starred in and delighted fans when she was impressed by an oven door.

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As many know, Alison Hammond is best known for her very bubbly personality and is always a good laugh whilst hosting. However, her love life may not be as lively as she is. Over the years, she has had several relationships but hasn’t been able to find ‘the one’ yet.

Alison Hammond has been engaged but never married

Despite not finding ‘the one’ Alison Hammond has been in committed relationships. Indeed, the This Morning host was in a long-term relationship with Noureddine Boufaied, with whom she shares a 19-year-old son, Aidan, as per OK!.

Alison Hammond has been very open about her relationship with her son’s father and has spoken fondly of him. As reported by Mirror, Alison revealed on Gyles Brandreth’s podcast, Rosebud, that she and Noureddine were engaged but neither of them ‘were ready’ for marriage.

We never actually got married. It was the perfect time but I don't feel like we were ready. He had the most beautiful smile and that's what I fell in love with. Aidan's got that smile as well.

Alison went on to add that the real reason she never married her son’s father was because she didn’t want to feel ‘tied down’ and she gets ‘cold feet’ as soon as someone talks about marriage:

I think as soon as I hear the word marriage I get like cold feet. [...] I just feel like I'm tied down and I don't like it

Despite often getting cold feet, Alison admits that she would like to ‘settle down’ as she is getting older:

I'm getting to that age now where I just think 'Alison, let go - it's okay to settle down'

Alison Hammond has had other relationships

Noureddine Boufaied isn’t the only relationship she has been in. Indeed, Alison Hammond took part in Celebs Go Dating in 2020 and told fellow This Morning host Dermot O’Leary that she had ‘met someone lovely’ but the meeting didn’t turn into a long-term relationship, as reported by OK!.

Then, in 2023, Hammond revealed she was in a relationship with a ‘hunky' gardener, as per Mirror. It was thought that Alison had settled down with Ben Hawkins after he was employed to tend to her garden in the West Midlands.

The couple had first kept their relationship secret for over a year before it was made public. The TV presenter was reportedly seen leaving Ben’s home first thing in the morning with a beaming smile, as per Mirror.

It was then rumoured that Alison and Ben had gotten engaged when Dermot O’Leary congratulated Alison on This Morning while wedding bells played in the studio. However, Alison immediately shut down the rumour explaining that if she were engaged, she’d be the first to announce it:

Cut the music! I'm not engaged, I'm so sorry I'm not engaged! I told you, if I was ever to get engaged or get married I would be the first person to tell you! I'd put all over Instagram and TikTok!

Sadly, her relationship with Ben ended. Alison didn’t share a statement or reveal the reason why it ended, but she hinted at it while talking to Holly Willoughby, explaining that she was wearing a ‘single ring’:

More people are wanting to meet people out and about and having a green ring might be a good idea so that people know you're single.

Alison Hammond sparked new romance rumours

Recently, it is thought that Alison Hammond is in a relationship with a Russian masseur 20 years her junior. As reported by Daily Mail, Alison had shared a photo of her and David Putman on her Instagram story, but the photo was quickly deleted.

According to Daily Mail, Alison’s friends are concerned about the new relationship as Hammond just wants ‘to be loved’. Her friends described Putman as ‘quirky’ and ‘edgy’ and they hope that Alison doesn’t get ‘too carried away too quickly’. Alison's friends added that she is 'vulnerable' when it comes to looking for a relationship.

One friend told Daily Mail:

She has wanted to settle down for many years now and she has had several boyfriends but none of them have worked out. Some have been a little questionable. You could say she is fairly vulnerable when looking for love.

They also added that they are worried that ‘she will be taken advantage of’ as she is ‘rich and pretty famous’.

Obviously alarm bells go off when there is a 20-year age gap...and there is someone involved who is rich. It is surely natural that there would be some concern.

Alison Hammond has revealed why she may struggle in relationships

Alison Hammond has previously talked about the reason she may struggle with relationships. The This Morning host explained that she has ‘no problem’ being alone which may be why she ‘struggles in some relationships’.

Again speaking on Gyles’ podcast, Rosebud, she said:

I have no problem being on my own, in fact, I really quite like it. I think that's the reason why I struggle in some relationships

She added that she doesn’t want someone around her all the time and loves her own company and explained that she has ‘never felt lonely’:

I don't want somebody around me all the time. I actually love being on my own. I'm okay with it. I've never felt lonely.

Alison Hammond has a ‘relationship’ with an unexpected celebrity

Despite not settling down, Alison Hammond has had a ‘mock’ wedding with an unexpected celebrity. As per OK!, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson ‘proposed’ to Alison Hammond in 2017 during an interview. The two then jokingly got ‘married’ on This Morning.

Despite the obvious joke, Dwayne Jonhson still refers to Alison as his ‘ex-wife’ and last year (2023) The Rock celebrated Alison Hammond’s National Television Award nomination. Dwayne praised her and blew her a kiss, he even jokingly announced:

We've got to get married again.

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