Alison Hammond: The presenter says hosting Great British Bake Off was 'meant to be'

As Alison Hammon is set to make her debut as a host of The Great British Bake Off, she admits that this new job was most welcome after dramatic year at This Morning.

Here's how Prue Leith really feels about new GBBO host Alison Hammond
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Here's how Prue Leith really feels about new GBBO host Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond has been on our TV screen for almost 20 years now and her outgoing, bigger than life personality has conquered the hearts of many. Now, as she is about to make her debut as the new co-host of The Great British Bake Off, the presenter has opened up about one of her other jobs.

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Hammond is a fixture of ITV’s This Morning which, since May 2023, has been going through scandal after scandal. This all started with the rocky departure of Phillip Schofield followed by a rotation of presenters that annoyed viewers.

But now, Alison Hammond is opening a new chapter in her career and people are already in love with her…

Prue Leith is all praise for new co-host Alison Hammond

We knew Prue Leith liked Alison Hammond’s brownies from when she took part in CelebrityBake Off in 2020, but now the judge seems to love her even more.

As the new season of Bake Off nears closer Prue Leith revealed that having Hammond as a co-host was a great choice. She says:

She’s energised the show... it’s amazing
She’s just hilarious, but also so sympathetic and sweet. The bakers all adore her and, I must say, so do we.

It’s not just Prue Leith who’s raging about Hammond. Some fans of the show also seem very pleased with the addition of Hammond.

The woman who lost the oven door is the new host 😂 this is brilliant 😂😂😂
Omg Noel and Allison are going to be a great pair!!

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Bake Off was Alison Hammond’s safe haven

Over the last few months, Alison Hammond has been in the spotlight and, unfortunately, not for anything she’s done. Indeed, as a permanent fixture on This Morning, Hammond has been scrutanised following the Phillip Schofield scandal.

In a recent interview with Radio TimesAlison expressed that Bake Off has been a nice break from the drama currently going on at ITV.

It’s like being on holiday: it’s wonderful, free, and you feel safe
You don’t have to think politically about anything. It’s just a happy and safe show

Alison Hammond also told The Guardian that hosting Bake Off is a bit of a dream come true.

My late mum adored Prue (...) She’d be very proud that we’ve become mates. It’s like this was always meant to be.

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