Star Trek actor Gary Graham dies at the age of 73

Science Fiction actor Gary Graham tragically passes away at the age of 73

Gary graham death star trek
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Gary graham death star trek

Gary Graham tragically passed away on Monday at the age of 73. The actor is mostly known for his role in Star Trek. It is reported that the actor died in a hospital in Spokane Washington from a cardiac arrest according to a heartfelt message by his wife Becky Graham.

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Who is Gary Graham?

Gary Graham’s first acting job came in the form of a Western however it is in the world of science fiction that he truly made a name for himself. Star Trek was the franchise that launched him to stardom as he starred in Enterprise and had a guest role in Voyager. He loved the franchise so much that he joined fan-made projects such as Of God's and Men.

Furthermore, his acting resume includes roles within the Alien Nation franchise, which spanned a series and 5 feature films.

Graham’s ex-wife speaks out

Graham’s former wife Susan Lavelle took to Facebook to express her grief and to speak about his character, she said:

I want to express that during my time with Gary Graham, he was not only immensely talented and committed to his craft but also a person of great generosity.

Furthermore, Lavelle also spoke to USA Today and reiterated her admiration to her late ex-husband and co-parent. She said:

He had a deep love for animals, a strong sense of patriotism, a profound faith in God, and an unwavering adoration for his daughter, Haylee. Gary was truly one of a kind – his voice, appearance, acting, and style were all unmistakably unique.

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