What are vaginal farts and why are they so common during sex?

Vaginal farts are natural and occur without warning, often in the middle of having sex. Here's everything you need to know about vaginal farts.

Pet vaginal : quel est ce phénomène fréquent qui arrive lors de rapports sexuels ?
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Pet vaginal : quel est ce phénomène fréquent qui arrive lors de rapports sexuels ?

You may have already experienced when having fun in the sack, or during your ab session... the dreaded vaginal fart. Also called 'queefing,' it's a situation that may have been embarrassing, but which is the mechanical result of several events that we will now explain.

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Vaginal farting, a suction phenomenon

A vaginal fart occurs when the vagina dilates. The more dilated it is, the more air it can let in. During sexual intercourse, the back and forth movement during penetration will therefore lead to some airflow. This is what causes that strange reaction.

At the moment of orgasm, your vagina contracts and relaxes, which can also create some suction.

Vaginal farts are a totally normal phenomenon and nothing to be embarrassed about! Getty Images

Causes of vaginal farting

This dilation of the vagina, which favours vaginal farts can also occur in the following situations:

  • During strenous exercising, like jogging or abdominal training
  • Some sex positions, like doggystyle; and switching positions often will make a vaginal fart that much more likely
  • If you have already had a child
  • If your vagina is 'hypotonic.' That is, when the muscles of the perineum lack tone
  • If you are prone to repeated constipation. Yes, when you push in your lower abdomen, you also cause the perineum to relax

De-dramatizing the vaginal fart

Obviously, when that little trumpeting noise happens in the middle of a sexual encounter, when you really want to feel sexy, embarrassment can quickly set in. But the idea is to laugh about it with your partner. Taking a step back and being kind are the key words in this situation.

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