Vaginal hygiene: Should you be wearing panty liners every day?

If you've been relying on panty liners to stay clean and dry 'down there' then you definitely need to stop.

Panty liners
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Panty liners

Are you a proud owner of a vulva? Then you definitely know that all too familiar feeling of having discharge oozing out of your cooch and onto your clean and fresh underwear of the day. It happens to females on the regular and sometimes even multiple times a day.

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Panty liners

To stop their underwear from getting soiled and also keep the vagina discharge free, some people have resorted to wearing panty liners every single day. By wearing these small pads, they can keep their panties dry and also replace them whenever the vagina decides to do a self clean. But did you know that this seemingly convenient habit is actually pretty dangerous?

At least that’s what gynaecologist Dr. Annie, who goes by the username @anniedelivers, told her 95K followers on TikTok. In the video, she said that wearing panty liners daily can cause contact dermatitis—red and itchy rashes that are the result of contact with a substance or an allergic reaction, as defined by Mayo Clinic. Other products that trigger the condition include jewellery, perfumes, soaps, and cosmetics.

Instead of using panty liners, Dr. Annie recommends that you carry extra pairs of underwear and a ziplock bag in which you can store your soiled clothing. She said:

When you discharge, change your underwear. But don’t wear those liners anymore. Your vulva skin does not like them.


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Having fluid sitting on your underwear, in between your legs, can be a very unpleasant sight and feeling. However, you should know that vaginal discharge is extremely normal and it’s actually a sign that your vagina is clean, healthy, and protected against infections.

Normal vaginal discharge is usually clear or white in colour and thick in consistency. In terms of odour, it is not very strong but can at times smell musky. The amount of that is excreted by your vagina often varies depending on your menstruation cycle and other factors like pregnancy.

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