This is what your emotional personality is based on your moon sign

Your moon sign is an inner guide that helps you understand your emotional needs and maintains harmony in your relationships.

This is what your emotional personality is based on your moon sign
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This is what your emotional personality is based on your moon sign

Your moon sign guides your feelings and intuition. Think of it as your inner emotional compass, which shapes the experiences, people, and things in your life that give you a sense of safety.

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It also influences how you relate to people emotionally. This makes your moon sign your guide to finding relationships in which you have similar emotional needs, resulting in natural harmony and the capacity to form lasting bonds. Based on your moon sign, this is how you are.


Capricorn moon people have a tendency to suppress their emotions. They require alone time to recharge and must adhere to strict boundaries. Achievements are a part of who they are and they would be a perfect match for someone who shares their commitment to work with them.


Aquarius moon signs are unique people. They pay attention to everything around them as the world is like a ‘spot the differences’ book for them. They often come off as mysterious.


Pisces moon peoples are as dreamy as it gets. They like to retreat in dreamy rom-coms. This sign is compassionate, caring, and tolerant of people for who they are.

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Aries thinks of life as a competition and always tries to win at everything. They are brave and find emotional fulfilment in spontaneity and thrilling adventures, which makes it challenging for them to be consistent as they get bored quickly.


People with a Taurus moon dislike change and love stability, comfort, and security. Cosy places, material demands, and familiarity brings them satisfaction. Taurus moon also does not break their promises.


Gemini moon requires frequent conversation. They need something that will engage them and tend to their curiosity. As such, they lose interest or grow concerned if things move slowly for them.


Cancer moon people are the most sensitive of all the signs. They are sympathetic, in touch with their emotions, loving, and compassionate. They like to be nurtured and cling to people and things that provide them with a sense of security. This type gets uneasy with change.


Leo Moon craves adventure and wants to be with someone who understands and appreciates life as they do. Since they are natural leaders, they like to take up positions to stand up for what they feel is right and love the spotlight.

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Virgo moon enjoys assisting others, organising them, and strives for perfection in whatever they do. This makes them control freaks since they often criticise others and themselves when things don't go as planned.


People born under the Libra moon are prone to jumping from relationship to relationship. They are quick to see defects in others that many might overlook. Rather than emotions and opinions, they seek harmony, rationality, and data.


They want to live their life as if they are in a sci-fi romantic comedy. They crave adventure, great drama, and excitement to satisfy their need for change. They have an all-or-nothing mentality.


This sign values freedom and wants to live life on their own terms. A Sagittarius moon would generally be the life of the party. They like to believe things happen for a reason and everything works out in the end.

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