How to Give a Second Life to Your Mascara Brush

Once mascara has gone dry, most women think that the only option is to throw it away. But this is not true, it can have a second life! Here are 5 tips for recycling your old mascara brush.

mascara brush
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mascara brush

Applying various products to your eyebrows or eyelashes

Are your lashes or eyebrows thinning out? Don't hesitate to apply castor oil every evening to make them grow. To do so, soak your old mascara brush (previously washed) and then apply the oil.

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Hiding visible roots

Are your roots starting to show? Take your brush, dip it in an eye shadow of the same colour as your hair, and style your roots with it. This way, any uncoloured roots will be out of sight!

Brushing your eyebrows

Your eyebrows can often look messy in the morning after spending the night with your head on a pillow. But thanks to the brush from your old mascara, you can start the day with well-combed eyebrows.

Exfoliating your lips

If you don't have a lip scrub on hand, grab your brush and gently rub it on your lips. This will remove dead skin and give you very soft lips.

Cleaning your nails

Your old mascara brush is the perfect ally to keep your nails clean at all times. Thanks to the soft bristles on the brush, dirt can be removed without damaging the underside of your nails.

For cleaning

Slightly soap the brush of your old mascara; this will allow you to scrub all the small inaccessible parts of your home.

Styling the small hairs around your face

If you like to have baby hair around your face, your old mascara brush is a perfect mini comb for styling them.

Helping to use less of your new mascara

When applying a new mascara for the first time, you often end up with lashes that are much too thick. To avoid this, don't hesitate to use your old mascara brush to remove any excess product with it. Your eyes will look amazing!

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