Here's how to get the perfect makeup base for mature skin

We take a look at how to improve the appearance of mature skin with some makeup tips

Here's how to achieve the perfect makeup base for mature skin
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Here's how to achieve the perfect makeup base for mature skin

As we age we adapt our skincare routines to tackle new concerns and help us maintain our healthy complexions. Similarly, the makeup we reach for might also changes, as old favourites no longer give us the same glow as before.

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With a few more fine lines to work with, along with changing skin tone and texture, applying makeup to mature skin requires a new set of rules. So ditch what you thought you knew and try out these tips to perfect that ageless beauty look!

In your prime

If we make the effort to put on makeup we want it looks as good at the end of the day as when we put it on in the morning (or as close as we can get)! To help make your products last longer, don't skip the primer. For mature skin, primer can help to minimise the appearance of fine lines and texture, helping to achieve an even base for your foundation application. So look out for hydrating oil serum or milky primers to prep and plump your skin!

Look for liquids

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Liquid beauty products are best suited to mature skin as powders have a nasty habit of settling into pores and fine lines.Liquid foundations and blushes, however, are not only easy to apply but help to add a dewy quality to the face that usually comes with a good gym session!

Just be careful to avoid heavy, full coverage or long-wear formulas which will undo your efforts to achieve a fresh, natural, and hydrated appearance.

Warm it up

When we were younger we were all taught that at all costs, your foundation should perfectly match your skin tone. Whilst this is true for younger makeup wearers, with age our skin tone tends to sallow slightly. Therefore, for mature skin, it's actually advised to wear a foundation that is 1 shade warmer than your perfect match. This helps to cancel out any green/grey tones and give your skin a sun-kissed glow (even in the winter months!)

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