Snail mucus could be one of the secrets to glowy skin

Oily or dry? Combination or sensitive? No matter your skincare type, we've got the tailored advice to get you glowing skin all winter long.

Here's how to get glowy skin according to your skin type
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Here's how to get glowy skin according to your skin type

No matter if you're dry or oily, cold winter air and harsh central heating causes dehydration for all skin types. With lower water levels in your skin, you might notice that you're looking a little dull, grey, patchy or tired. So, we recommend all skin types try adding a hydrating serum into their routine if they're looking to get their glow back! The best hydrating ingredients (humectants) to look for are hyaluronic acid, glycerin, or snail mucin, all of which should be applied to damp skin.

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Now, find your skin type below and read our customised tips for getting your glow on!

Normal / combination skin

For those with normal / combination skin you might need to check-in with your skin during the winter months to see if it's needs change. In general, at this time of year, using a hydrating mist and vitamin c serum followed by a fragrance free mid-weight moisturiser and SPF will help prolong the appearance of glowy summer skin.

Or, if your skin is becoming a little dry, add a few drops of a light facial oil, like apricot kernel oil, to your moisturiser.


As well as hydration from water, dry skin types need to add oils into their routines as they do not produce enough on their own. Start by avoiding stripping cleansers and opt for a cream, milk or cleansing oil in the morning followed by a hydrating product like a serum or mist. Next, apply a moisturiser that includes emollients or ceramides, which protect your skin barrier.

Lastly, to lock in all your layers of moisture (and only if your skin feels like it needs it), add a few drops of a facial oil (bonus if it contains vitamin c)!

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Oily and acne prone skin types should continue their regular skin routine in winter but avoid over-exfoliating, due to the harsher climate. Your routine should include cleansing with a lightweight cleanser (like a gel or foam) followed by thin layers of hydrating products. Opt for mists, serums, and moisturisers that have a watery or gel like consistency, and don't forget to add a fluid SPF or mineral suncream that controls shine and leaves your skin fresh and luminous.


Sensitive skin types should avoid overly harsh or stripping ingredients like alcohol and fragrance. At this time of year, prioritise your skin barrier health by applying skincare products that contain ceramides, squalene or probiotics. Top with an SPF (mineral suncreams containing zinc oxide are preferable to avoid any extra irritation) and you're good to glow!

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