10 skincare mistakes you need to stop making now

We all have been guilty of some of these mistakes and it is high time we stop making them. Let’s not let our efforts go in vain!

10 skincare mistakes you need to stop making now
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10 skincare mistakes you need to stop making now

Getting the perfect blemish-free skin isn’t just about using expensive products and extensive skincare routines. It is also about ensuring that the skincare rules we swear by are actually not mistakes. Yep, that’s right. There are skincare practices that many of us use but totally shouldn’t.

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Breaking old habits might be difficult but it is crucial if you want the perfect glowing skin. Even the best products for your skin type wouldn’t work if you are guilty of making these common mistakes.

Exfoliating too little or too much

The key to exfoliating is moderation. Anything where you exfoliate too much or nearly never is a significant disaster. Exfoliating too often will irritate your skin and, too little would leave layers of dead skin on your face. Ideally, exfoliating 2-3 times a week is more than enough.

Having the same morning and night moisturiser

There’s a reason why the markets are filled with different day and night moisturisers. Using a daytime moisturiser could harm your skin as its ingredients are not apt for nighttime. Your skin has a different goal at night. It repairs itself and replenishes. Choose a cream that reflects this goal.


Experimenting with different products frequently

While it’s fun to try new products, it is not always wise to do so. If you incorporate a new product into your skincare routine, ease the process rather than changing it overnight. Similarly, don’t indulge in changing products frequently if your current skincare routine is working for you.

Doing your nighttime routine right before bed

If you do your nighttime skincare right before you hit the bed, you are unfortunately wasting all your efforts and money. Since when you go to sleep, your face rubs with sheets and pillowcases and most of the product is absorbed by them, leaving very little on your skin.

Not using sunscreen daily

Ditching sunscreen when we do not go out is probably the biggest mistake we commit. Sun Rays can penetrate through windows and doors just as much and cause wrinkles, dark spots and textured skin. Hence, make it a mandate to apply sunscreen even when you are indoors.

Not removing makeup at night

This is simply a no brainer, yet we are guilty of it. Even on lazy days, make sure to remove your makeup or, it will clog pores and your skin would break out. Sleeping with makeup on also makes the skin dry and speeds up the ageing process.


Cleansing too much

If you believe in cleanser supremacy, meaning the more you cleanse, the less your skin breaks out - it’s not true. Cleansing too much strips the skin of natural oils and, so to compensate, your skin will produce more oil, resulting in clogged pores, blackheads and whiteheads

Touching your face frequently

Our hands carry most germs and bacteria off things and, when we constantly touch our face, we transfer those into our skin. Needless to say, that results in more damage than protection. Similarly, popping zits or pimples is a no-no.

Not cleaning your phone

Like our hands, our phones pick up tons of bacteria too. When we make calls, we unknowingly expose our face to these germs, making it almost impossible for our skincare routines to work. Make sure to clean your phones daily with disinfecting or even makeup wipes.

Not cleaning your makeup tools

Lastly, not cleaning makeup brushes and sponges is a huge crime. Apart from the product, they gather a lot of dead skin and bacteria on them after every use. Hence, if you apply makeup daily, make sure to wash your tools once a week.

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