What is slugging? The hot new skincare trend this winter

The season of dry, flaking skin is finally here. That’s right, Winter has already begun to make its mark and our faces are feeling it. Luckily, there’s a new skincare trend that will help you out.

What is slugging? The hot new skincare trend this winter
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What is slugging? The hot new skincare trend this winter

Every winter we opt for the thicker moisturizers or even a hydrating oil. But, every time we go to put on a bit of makeup, the pure flakiness of our skin is revealed. However, a hot new skincare trend called ‘slugging’ has been circulating the internet and it looks like it’s here to stay.

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Our problem in the colder months is that dry skin can become an absolutely unmanageable condition leading to the likes of eczema, redness and irritation. But, slugging can help you out.

How does ‘slugging’ work?

Despite the slightly grotesque name, slugging is actually much less icky then it sounds.

With slugging all you have to do is go about your skincare routine as per normal and right at the end, cover your face with a thin layer of vaseline or petroleum jelly. No more than a pea-sized dab will do otherwise you may end up with a very greasy face!

In the morning you do have the option of washing off the heavy layer, otherwise, just go about your routine as normal and enjoy your glowing skin!

Products such as vaseline work as they contain the ingredient triple-purified petrolatum, an occlusive that works tolock in moisture on the skin.This simple trick will help to heal your sensitive winter face by creating a protective barrier which will allow the skin to repair itself and reduce water loss.

Slugging can even be helpful for those with ageing skin. As we age our skin’s moisture barrier, as well as our collagen levels, start to diminish. By applying a hydrating layer of petroleum jelly, our skin has more of a chance to heal and reduce wrinkles.

Just remember to use an old pillowcase just in case some gets on your pillow.

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Should you be slugging?

Thisskincare trend sounds great for those who lean towards the drier side. But, if you’re one who experiences oily or acne-prone skin then this technique is not for you.

This is because while cosmetic petroleum products are usually non-comedogenic, meaning they don’t cause acne, they do have the ability to trap dead skin cells and this could result in a breakout or extra oily skin.

And, for those with skin drier than the Sahara, slugging may require some finesse. As an occlusive, vaseline can lock in hydration that is already on or in your skin but it can’t add more.

In this case, it would be best to use other products such as Aquafor or Cerave’s Healing Ointment. These products not only include petroleum jelly but they also make use of ceramides and humectants which will also help hydrate and repair the skin barrier.

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