Should you add face shaving to your skincare routine?

Here’s everything you need to know about face shaving.

Face shaving for women
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Face shaving for women

Have you been seeing all your favourite influencersshaving their face with a pastel coloured razor? Face shaving is all the rage now, and many have claimed that it has cleared up their skin, making it look better than ever. But, before you jump on the bandwagon, you need to find out whether your skin can handle the blade.

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Pros of face shaving

The known benefits of shaving your face are actually quite basic. Along with removing facial hair, it also lightly exfoliates your skin by getting rid of the dead skin cells. This leaves your skin looking and feeling as smooth as silk. Some users have testified that skincare products penetrate deeper into the skin after doing this light shave, however very little scientific evidence backs that claim.

Face shaving is especially loved by makeup enthusiasts because products blend into the skin more seamlessly. So, if you’re looking to remove that peach fuzz, and have skin that looks natural and flawless after foundation then you should add face shaving to your skincare routine. If not, thenit is definitely not an essential skincare habit.

Cons of face shaving

Normally at home face shaving is safe for the general population but it should not be done by people who have sensitive, or acne prone skin as it can further compromise the skin barrier. Additionally, those who are looking to get rid of coarse ingrown facial hairs should stay away from this method, and opt for other treatments that are more effective.

How to do this at home

First, get yourself a razor just for your face. To remove peach-fuzz you don’t need anything crazy! An inexpensive single-blade razor will suffice.

Before you start your shave, cleanse your face and make sure it’s squeaky clean. Then generously apply shaving cream all over your face. Although many beauty-lovers prefer doing this technique when their skin is dry, dermatologists actually recommend using a shaving cream to prevent irritation.

Take your razor and place it at a 45 degree angle. Hold your skin tight with your other hand and gently move the blade in the same direction you hair grows in.

Once you’re done, rinse your face and finish the routine with a bit of moisturiser.

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