Five body positivity influencers that will boost your confidence

Follow these amazing influencers to build an Instagram feed that sparks body positivity and confidence!

Body positivity
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Body positivity

What is incredibly special about humankind is that every single individual is different in such diverse ways—mentally, sexually, and physically. Even identical twins never have identical bodies because they are shaped by unique experiences, challenges, and struggles. Why we are all expected to conform to a certain shape and size is beyond confusing, but that has been the reality for an unfortunate amount of time.

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For years we have seen unrealistic standards being projected on social media, but what if you could change your feed to be more realistic and empowering? Yes, loving your body is easier said than done, but it is not impossible. Not if you follow people who encourage you to love yourself, authentically.

Simone Mariposa

Not only can we take inspiration from Simone’s fashion style, her message to the world is quite simple and easy to follow: wear whatever you want. She uses the hashtag #WeWearWhatWeWant to tell her followers that their body is their own, and they should wear what makes them feel good.

Simone Mariposa

Sarah Nicole Landry

Having a baby changes a lot of things, including your body and Sarah’s page is all about the real, authentic experiences of a mother. She uses photography to beautifully capture all of the ways her body transformed during pregnancy. She also writes a lot about her journey to finding peace with her ever-changing body.

Sarah Nicole Landry

Shira Rose

Shira is an eating disorder therapist who is passionate about creating inclusive spaces for people with larger bodies. Not only is she a licensed clinical social worker that helps people get the treatment they need, she has also been educating the public about eating disorders using Instagram.

Sylvia MacGregor

When Sylvia was three years old, she had a horrific accident that landed her with several third and fourth-degree burns. She spent most of her life consumed with insecurities, but everything changed when she realised she was the only one who could help herself. Now, in her 50s, she’s been making the world a better place for other people who have been living with disfigurement. She told The Sun:

Now I think my scars are wonderful and I believe that I was saved for a reason. I’m here with what I’ve been through now to help other people.

Tiffany Ima

Tiffany Ima uses her own experiences with bulimia to help others build body confidence through healthy, self-care practices. According to her, a healthy body does not equal a skinny body. Instead it’s all about doing what makes you feel healthy from the inside.

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