'Hip Dips': Instagram's Latest Body Positive Trend

Sure, there's a wealth of ridiculous trends on social media, but the 'hip dip' trend, which basically consists of women posting pictures of their hips, isn't one of them. Read on for more information.

'Hip Dips'
© Instagram : @supreme_a_irina
'Hip Dips'

Beauty standards evolve over time. For a few years now, big bubble butts have been trending, (no) thanks to celebrities like the Kardashian sisters.

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But like most beauty standards, achieving perfectly round hips is impossible for a chunk of the world's population unless, of course, they undergo cosmetic surgery.

That's why girls are sharing photos of their hips on Instagram with the hashtag hip dip. The goal is to showcase real women's bodies.

'Hip dip' refers to the inward curve between the thigh and the pelvic bone. No matter how hard you work at the gym, in most cases, it's impossible to get rid of because there's no muscle there.

Check out the video for posts from body-positive influencers who want to normalize real female bodies. A great initiative that will help you take pride in your hips!

What is body hair positivity? What is body hair positivity?