This body positive woman proudly bares her skin disease

Rachael Reynolds has a syndrome that causes little pimples to appear on her skin. Faced with dirty looks from people, she struggles every day.

Skin disease
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Skin disease

Too often they've been put aside and made victims of prejudice; these 9 people have decided to participate in an innovative show concept called House of Extraordinary People. The goal? To give a moment in the spotlight to those who have been too often relegated to the shadows because of their 'atypical' physique. Among those candidates is Rachael Reynolds. This 43-year-old mum has spent her life in hiding.

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Why was she so fearful?

Because of a genetic defect called neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1) which covers her body in a pebbling of small pimple-like lumps that creep across her skin.

This disease struck Rachael at the age of 13. The lesions have since appeared, first on her hands, then her body and then spread to her face. For the moment, no treatment seems effective to fight against the appearance of these small bumps on the epidermis.

Her condition continues to worsen with each of her pregnancies. However, her children were thankfully not affected by this syndrome. For their sake, she has also decided to reverse her stance and fully accept her body as it is.

Chin held high

She confided in an interview with the show This Morning:

I am aware that people are looking at me, that they think I am contagious. They don't dare hold my hand and treat me differently.

Thanks to the show, she managed to put on a swimsuit, deciding to ignore the weird glances. Rachael declared:

I never imagined being able to take my top off in front of the camera when entering the house. Usually I cover my body, but I hope I can go out in a bathing suit without a care about the opinions of others.

Body positivity is definitely on the rise, and what a good thing that is!

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