Russian Body-Positive Movement Encourages Girl To Make A Heart-Breaking Confession

One particular Russian hashtag has been appearing everywhere recently. Lots of girls have been opening up about their ‘flaws’ in posts accompanied by the hashtag #СоМнойВсеТак. But one particular post has really been moving to other users. Anna Ionova has finally opened up about her inexplicable illness which has changed the way she looks and will look forever.

Blogger Tusya (far right) and the "I'm all right" campaigners
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Blogger Tusya (far right) and the "I'm all right" campaigners

Body positivity is an incredibly popular movement in Russia. With the hashtag #СоМнойВсеТак (‘I am beautiful the way I am’ in English) more and more Russians have been opening up and sharing personal stories about their beauty flaws.

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Anna lost her hair

Anna Ionova is one of these women. In everyday life, she looks just like a normal girl, but there is one thing in particular that sticks out about her. She always has a different, yet incredible hairstyle and people always ask her how she manages to style and change her hair as much as she does.

Years of hiding

It turns out that Anna has a secret that she has been keeping to herself. She wears wigs and is actually bald underneath. At the age of 14, Anna inexplicably lost all her hair due to an unknown illness and doctors still don’t know what they can do to help her.

Only the Russian body positivity movement has helped her reveal the truth and open up about what happened. A week ago, she posted some rather beautiful photos of herself – bald! Next to these photos, she wrote a long text in Russian telling her story.

Anna’s life story

When she was in school, other children obviously noticed when Anna started to get a few bald spots. The young girl finally decided to put an end to this, so she shaved her head and started wearing wigs all the time instead.

But this had quite an effect on her social life! Anna never wanted to bend down or stand behind her classmates and ended up closing herself off. But now, she has decided enough is enough and has posted photos to show just how beautiful she is even without her wigs.

Now a young woman, Anna is done with hiding. She recently popped up on Instagram ‘topless’, proudly showing off and embracing her bald head. It seems she finally has the courage to reveal what she really looks like!

What is the body positivity movement? What is the body positivity movement?