Body positivity: This woman's photos of her post-birth stomach went viral

A mother shared pictures of her stomach on Instagram three weeks after giving birth. The images immediately went viral.

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Kristen Sullivan, a native of Long Island, gave birth to her second son, Gavin. Three weeks after the delivery, Kristen posted pictures of her stomach on Instagram. These images quickly went viral, and for all the right reasons. The mother of taught taught the Internet a valuable lesson in body positivity.

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Learning to love your body post-pregnancy

The objective of these shots was to prove that it is not always simple to get back to that pre-pregnancy body–and you never have to, quite frankly–despite what we see on some star’s posts on social media. Yes, we're looking at you Emily Ratajkowski. The model gave birth to her first-born a few months ago and who looks like she could strut in a Channel fashion show anyday...

'It's not realistic'

So on the 20th of August, Kristen posted these pictures and found the right words to explain that you should never be ashamed of your body shape following a pregnancy, or anytime really.

'It’s not realistic', Kristen Sullivan notably wrote about some of the photos in which celebrities show off a flat tummy just a few days after giving birth.

Kristen also explained that she might be suffering from abdominal separation. She cannot be sure until six weeks after delivery and may need to organise rehabilitation sessions. But once again, Kristen has remained positive in ensuring that this will allow her to give her body 'a chance to breathe.' Her message has understandably been supported by thousands of Internet users on social media.

Check out the video above to see the photos of the mum!

After sharing candid photos of her post-baby body this woman inspired many new mums After sharing candid photos of her post-baby body this woman inspired many new mums