Body posi: The movement you really need in your life

Body-posi or ‘body positivity’ is a movement that encourages women to accept and love themselves as they are, far from the diktats and norms that society demands.

Body posi: The movement you really need in your life
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Body posi: The movement you really need in your life

Whether on magazine covers or in beauty product ads, the womenthat are marketed there are rarely the ones we meet every day on the street. Moreover, a movement of those who are fed up of these beauty diktats was born on social media: women are tired of having to conform to this 10% ofmodelswho are often very far from reality.

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Apparel brands are starting to understand the message and choosing more ‘realistic’ models so everyone can relate to them. The body-posi movement encourages women to no longer conform to the norms dictated by society: the goal is to accept ourselves as we are and to love ourselves without trying to be someone else.

Turning 'defects' into qualities

To be body-posiis to learn to appreciate one's body and to look at what one considers as defects (cellulite, stretch marks, love handles, scars) in a positive light.

For Hervé-Charles Leger, therapist and president of the association Les corps défendus, if women have a hard time accepting each other, it is clearly because of society:

10 women in the world are considered supermodels. And 3 billion women do not look like them. When you teach teenage girls and women in general, that success comes through their resemblance to these models, that to be happy you have to have a body like this or like that, there will obviously be a discrepancy.

Especially since the photos ofsupermodelsin magazines are mostly retouched. According to him, being obsessed by these almost inaccessible models creates frustration and incites women to denigrate themselves a little more. The body-posi movement takes all its meaning: learn to stop comparing yourself to others and accept your body as it is. There is no better way to regain a good sense of self-confidence and self-love.

Check out the video above for a dose of body-positive goodness!

What is the body positivity movement? What is the body positivity movement?