This woman refuses to wax her body hair, tells followers it helps her repel perverts

In a TikTok video published last May, Orim, a young American woman, spoke out about her body hair, explaining how it protects her from the gaze of perverted men.

This woman refuses to wax and tells her followers how her hair helps her repel perverts
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This woman refuses to wax and tells her followers how her hair helps her repel perverts

According to a survey carried out in 2019 by the Liberté, pilosité, sororité collective, 96% of women felt that they should remove at least one part of their body hair. For several years now, women have been proudly keeping their body hair, and it's even being displayed on social media. This is particularly true of this young American influencer, known as Orim on TikTok.

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A 'pervert repellent'

In a video shared on the app last May, the young woman explained that she loves her hairs, assuring her followers that she would never shave it off, as reported by The Sun on Thursday 3 August. It has to be said that her hairs have helped her to get out of a few unpleasant situations when faced with insistent stares from sometimes perverse men. Orim said that her hairs under her armpits and on her legs served as a 'pervert repellent'. A trick that she says works 90% of the time.

During the video, the influencer then recalled a day when a man had looked at her 'like a piece of meat' during one of her outings to the supermarket with her mother.

My mum doesn't realise when men stare at her in public. Which is really strange, because she's really beautiful, and I know men look at her, but she's just in her own world.

But for his part, Orim can't seem to ignore it.

I find it hard to get past. It really bothers me.

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A video that quickly went viral

When she arrived at the supermarket with her mother, a man started looking her up and down 'as if he'd never seen legs in his life', while his wife was standing right next to him. Orim then moved closer to him so that he could see the hairs on her legs.

I saw that his lustful thoughts completely faded... his face changed... and he suddenly looked away.

A victory for the TikToker, who took 'incredible' satisfaction from the experience. She went on to denounce the fact of 'being sexualised' and 'being looked at like a toy'.

It can make you feel scared, sad and angry.

According to Orim, women just want to be 'respected' and to be seen as 'human'. The young woman also deplored the fact that we sometimes have to show our body hair to protect ourselves from certain perverts. The influencer's video quickly went viral on social media, racking up more than 2 million likes, as well as 25 million comments and 76 million shares.

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What is body hair positivity? What is body hair positivity?