Why you should be adding kombucha to your skincare routine

Have you heard of kombucha? This miracle drink is an ideal way to help you have beautiful skin. Here's everything you need to know about it.

Add kombucha to your skincare routine
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Add kombucha to your skincare routine

Have you heard of kombucha? This fermented drink, which can be made at home or found in organic shops, is made by fermenting tea, sugar, bacteria, and yeast. In terms of taste, it resembles cider or lemonade. It can be found plain, but also made from fruit or herbs such as mint. It is known to be an excellent alternative drink to soda, since it is healthier and has much less sugar.

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However, although kombucha is known for its digestive properties, it is also excellent for the skin. That's why this drink can help get your skin looking and feeling great!

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A fungus with many virtues

The fermentation of tea, sugar, yeast, and bacteria gives rise to a fungus. This fungus is full of benefits and nutrients as it is rich in minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins B, C, and D. All of which are good for our figure and our skin.

While this miracle elixir is usually consumed as a drink, it is possible to use it in other ways as well. As a tonic lotion or a mask, kombucha can also be transformed into a beauty product!

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Why is kombucha good for the skin?

By drinking this beneficial drink or by applying it directly to the skin (of course, choose an organic or homemade drink), the effects on your skin will be immediate:

  • Kombucha smoothes the skin and corrects imperfections.
  • It helps to even out the complexion when used regularly as a lotion thanks to vitamin D.
  • It helps the skin to regain its elasticity.
  • It removes dead skin.
  • It purifies the skin in depth.
  • It eliminates redness.
  • It moisturises and firms the skin.

This product can easily be made part of your daily beauty routine. Remember to exfoliate and moisturise regularly. Moreover, in order to have beautiful skin, it is important to have a balanced diet and regularly remove your makeup.

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