Survey shows exactly how invested Brits are in their skincare routines

A new survey has shown how the skincare community has grown in recent years, with the average Brit watching 22 minutes of skincare tutorials each week.

Survey shows exactly how invested Brits are in their skincare routines
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Survey shows exactly how invested Brits are in their skincare routines

These days if you were faced with dry or oily skin, you’d know exactly which skincare ingredients to seek out. But, if faced with the same dilemma ten years ago, almost none of us would have known our niacinamide from our elbows.

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This increase in skincare knowledge is just one symptom of the booming skincare community. Over the last ten years, we’ve progressed from mindless daily coffee scrubs to dedicating literal hours towards youtube videos, podcasts and social media pages all about skincare education as well as reviews the latest and greatest products.

While these outlets have taught us the absolute value of SPF and retinol, all the hype about skincare ingredients and brands hasn’t been so great on our bank accounts. For many of us, every visit to Boots turns into a giant standoff between us, our wallets and The Ordinary.

According to a survey commissioned by Centre:mk, the average adult Brit spends about £400 on skincare products every year, almost a quarter more than a decade ago.

Spending £400 on products alone every year seems like a lot, and it is. To put it in perspective, £400 could get you almost 68 bottles of The Ordinary’s Hyaluronic acid, 14 bottles of Paula’s Choice AHA/BHA Exfoliant, or 1.5 jars of La Mer’s Moisturising Soft Cream (shocking, we know).

The study also found that the typical Brit would purchase 36 skincare products a year, which evens out to roughly three products each month.

Kim Priest, a spokesperson for Centre:mk, explained: ‘Skincare has certainly evolved over the years, and there is so much more choice now.’

Gone are the days of simply “cleanse, tone, moisturise” – there are products out there now to suit all skin types, whether suffering from acne, wrinkles or dull and tired-looking skin.

Skincare focused on acne, oily skin, dryness, and ageing aren’t anything new, but it seems that our increased skincare knowledge has bred demand, leading to never-ending options for cleansers and moisturisers; which, according to the survey, are two products skincare fanatics can’t live without.

How has skincare evolved?

Brits also agree that skincare has evolved over the years, with 53% agreeing that there is now a greater variety of skincare products and ingredients to choose from, and 34% believing more international brands have become available in the mass market (hello K-beauty).

Additionally, Centre:mk’s survey also found that 32% of respondents believe that skincare has become more innovative, with 36% also agreeing that there are now more products available backed by science.

Skincare isn’t solely for women as 46% of Brits believe more skincare items are now aimed at men, who, on average, use about three products on their face per day.

Those prioritising environmentally friendly and vegan products have also found their skincare needs increasingly being met.

Brits are now more skin-smart than ever

Centre:mk’s survey also revealed that Brits are becoming more skin-smart than ever. The average person spends 22 minutes each week watching skincare tutorials, another 23 minutes watching skincare hacks, and an additional 25 minutes per week is dedicated to our actual skincare routines.

However, despite 35% of people using more hacks like toothpaste, potatoes, teabags and raw eggs to treat their skincare concerns, 69% of people have suffered disasters like allergies and rashes, steering them away from hacks altogether.

A further 19% of brits don’t trust the results of skincare hacks, and one-third of participants admit they tend to stay loyal to one brand.

Celebrity makeup artist Hannah Martin added: ‘Skincare is possibly the most important yet underrated step of any makeup.’

No matter how wonderful the makeup you have is, it will only look its optimal best if your skin has been prepped beforehand with the skincare that best suits your skin type.

‘You don’t need a complicated routine, but a few skincare items can make all the difference. I’ve seen many times in my career the difference good skincare can make both in the immediate effect but also with clients with specific concerns who’ve seen their skin transformed.’

Should we be adding collagen to our skincare routines? Should we be adding collagen to our skincare routines?