Your guide to an easy breezy summer skincare routine

Summer is just around the corner, and now's the time to start filling up your bathroom cabinet with your summer skincare essentials!

Summer Skincare
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Summer Skincare

We’re all impatiently waiting to go outside and bask in the summer sun, but remember one thing. The sun isn’t very kind to our skin. That is why you should start building your summer skincare routine right away.

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You don’t have to stay indoors to protect your skin from those harsh sun rays, just follow these tips and you’ll be good to go!

Keep it light and simple

In the summer, our skin doesn’t need that extra loving like it does during the winter. So, keep your routine short and simple. Focus on using lightweight moisturizers, serums, and gentle facial cleansers. Allure asked Dermatologist, Omer Ibrahim, about his summer tips. He said:

In the summer, I generally remind patients that just like their wardrobe, their skin-care routine may need to be a little more lightweight.

Focus on hydration

It’s true that during the summer months, our skin is normally less dry, and more oily. However, that doesn’t mean that you should stop hydrating your skin. In fact, having oily skin and having hydrated skin are two different things. Beauty expert, Jocelyn Petroni told Grazia:

In summer, the skin and the body become more dehydrated as the body temperature rises and the metabolic processes increase. This means your skin is metabolising faster and it needs ample water to function at its best. We sweat more in the summer months too, so we need to replenish this water loss consistently.

You don’t need to pack on moisturizer like you usually do in the winter, instead use something light. Experts even recommend that you buy a moisturizer that has built in SPF 30, so that you can kill two birds with one stone.

If you’re outdoors for longer periods of time, then be sure to layer on SPF throughout the day so that your skin can have ultimate protection.

Prevent sun damage

Give your skin a little boost of life by using a Vitamin C serum. UV rays from the sun can deeply damage your skin, destroying collagen and increasing hyperpigmentation. If you’re going to be in the sun all day, then you have to use an ingredient that will improve collagen production, and prevent hyperpigmentation. Ibrahim also suggested using Vitamin C, and he said:

Vitamin C is great year-round, but all the more important in the summer
SPF is important in your skincare routine, here's why SPF is important in your skincare routine, here's why