Marilyn Monroe's 1959 skincare routine revealed

Have you ever wondered how Marilyn Monroe maintained such flawless skin? One of Monroe's former skincare specialists has released the star's prescribed 1959 skincare routine and has detailed each step.

Marilyn Monroe
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Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe'sskincare prescription was recently released as part of the Makeup Museums 'Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America' exhibit. The prescription was issued by the celebrity brand Erno Laszlo and was addressed to Mrs Marilyn Monroe Miller due to her marriage to Arthur Miller at the time.

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The prescription revealed that like many of us today, Monroe had skin that was a little on the drier side. To combat this the star was told to use 'Active Phelityl Soap', an under-eye treatment called 'Phelitone' Laszlo's 'Controlled Lotion' and 'Duo Phase Face Powder' along with a tinted toner entitled 'Normalizer Shake-It'.

Even better, these products are still available to buy today with an exception of the toner, which will resurface as a limited edition item in the near future so you can have skin just like Monroe herself.

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One of the many unique items on display at the Makeup Museum’s “Pink Jungle: 1950s Makeup in America” exhibition is a collection of artifacts presented to the public for the first time ever from @ernolaszlonyc, including the personalized skincare prescription of Marilyn Monroe dated March 17, 1959. Erno Laszlo’s chief historian and branding officer Patricia Schuffenhauer shows here one of the products prescribed to Marilyn Monroe, the “Normalizer Shake-It,” a tinted toner treatment. Erno Laszlo decided to re-launch the Shake-It this month to celebrate the expected opening of the Makeup Museum. Shake-It is available on Erno Laszlo’s website, and the Makeup Museum will share more history about this iconic product and brand throughout the month as we give you a sneak peek look at the artifacts that comprise the “Pink Jungle” exhibition!

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The routine focused on deep hydration and included mornings, nights and even special occasions. In the morning the star was indicated to use the facial soap with warm water. Then, she was to follow up with a saturated cotton round of toner and instructed to immediately wipe off the excess with a tissue before applying the eye cream and face powder.

Hold up.

While Monroe may have had flawless skinthere is still some important skincare steps she is missing such as moisturiser and an SPF. Also, why apply so much toner and eye cream that you have to wipe it off? It would make much more sense to just use less and not waste the product. Modern skincare would not approve.

However, despite the lacking the most important skincare steps we must applaud Monroe for following a nighttime double cleanse routine which is key to truly removing any and all makeup from the face.

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