The best way to apply blush according to your face shape

Did you know that blush placement can change the appearance of your whole face? Learn how to do you blusher according to your face shape!

How to apply your blush according to your face shape
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How to apply your blush according to your face shape

Personally, blusher is my favourite beauty product. This complexion-enhancing pop of colournot only has the ability to instil a fresh, healthy and youthful aura, but when placed correctly, it can change the appearance of your whole face, making it look more open, sculpted and awake.

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So, what magic technique does it take to achieve these results?

Step 1: Define your face shape

As it turns out, the magic behind the perfect blush application is understanding your facial geometry. Most people's facial shapes are one of the following: Heart, Round, Oblong, Square, Oval, or Triangle.

Knowing your face shape is vital before moving on to step two, so take your time to analyse the length and width of your face, whether your jawline is softer or sharper, and where your cheekbones sit.

Step 2: Choose your blush

If you're trying to achieve that convivial rosy flush, then it is recommended to opt for a cream or liquid blush. These formulas typically leave skin with a very natural finish, do not crease or sink into fine lines, and allow for more targeted application, making them perfect for Step 3.

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Step 3: Follow this application technique

Now for the grand finale, follow the application tips for your specific face shape for the blush placement that works the best on you!

  • Oval faces - place your blush on top of your cheekbones sweeping up and outwards, rather than in the hollow beneath the bone. This helps to lift the upper half of the face and adds some width in this longer face shape.
  • Heart shaped and triangular faces - place your blush i a 'C' shape from the top of the cheekbone, to the temple, and to the lower edge of the forehead. This helps to soften the pointier features of these face shapes and balances the width of the chin and forehead.
  • Square faces - since your cheekbones are the same width as your chin and jawline, you need to define them. Therefore, a lower blush placement, just below the cheekbone will work best for this face type. For a soft look, you can also try blending your blush into your hairline!
  • Round faces - round face types can actually use blush to contour by placing their blush on their cheekbones but blending it down towards their mouth a little. In addition, a small dab of blush on the chin can also make the face appear longer.
  • Oblong/long faces - Apply blush on cheekbones below the outer corners of the eyes and blend, making sure that it never extends lower than the tip of your nose (this draws the eye up and helps to shorten the appearance of your face).

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