These 5 common makeup mistakes could cost you your sight

‘Not wearing makeup responsibly can have an impact on your eye health and vision’, Dr. Valarie Jerome.

These 5 common makeup mistakes could cost you your sight
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These 5 common makeup mistakes could cost you your sight

Wearing makeup can make can your eyes sparkle, boosting your confidence. However, from the toolkit you use to the way you apply your makeup could result in wrinkles and worse, long term damage to your eye, according to an article in The Sun. An optometrist who spoke to the news outlet has been outlining some common mistakes that could leave a not-so-glamourous result.

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Unclean tools

With most people living in a fast-paced world, remembering to wear makeup is not guaranteed talkless of cleaning the brushes. However, if not kept in proper hygienic conditions, your makeup brushes could harm your eyes. Makeup artist Saffron Hughes told The Sun:

Makeup brushes are a breeding ground for bacteria and dirt. When you go to apply makeup using an unwashed eyeshadow or eyeliner brush, you are spreading that bacteria onto your eyelashes and potentially into your eye.

Ideally, you should deep clean them once a week by hand and spot-cleaning them daily.

Sharing ain’t caring

You might think nothing of sharing your makeup products with your best friend or your sister, but experts warn that could be dangerous. Saffron warned:

Sharing mascara, eyeliner or any other product that comes into contact with your eyes is a no-go in order to protect them from harm.
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Doing this could result in the passing on of bacteria from one person to the other.

Using expired products

Unlike food which we know could have serious consequences if consumed beyond its expiration date, many people assume that makeup does not expire. But it is advisable to take inventory of your makeup products and check the labels. According to Saffron, you should not use your mascara three months after you opened it.

When you’re applying mascara or other expired makeup products directly onto your lids and lashes, you’re increasing the chance of problems that could occur.

Additionally, you should avoid applying makeup without washing your hands. And you probably know it’s a terrible idea to go to bed with your makeup on.

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