She Added This Product To Her Daily Beauty Routine And It Works Wonders

Let's face it, our daily beauty routines take a lot of time and require so many different products right? If you haven't already been using a cotton swab with your daily routine, it's not too late! We all know that cotton swabs can be used for various things but incorporating it into your beauty routine will make life easier for you. See our photos for our top tips.

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How To Use A Cotton Swab With Your Beauty Routine

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1. Hide roots: Use a cotton swab to help camouflage your roots. Dip the cotton swab into a mascara that is your hair shade then blend into your roots. This trick can also be used to help tame the stubborn hairs close to your roots.

2. Helps with applying eyeliner: The cotton swab is ideal for drawing an eyeliner line or applying a powder or cream eye shadow to your eyelids.

3. Removes lipstick stains: Use a cotton swab to help blend your lipstick at the lip line. You can also use it to clean up excess lipstick on your skin.

4. Create nail art: Use a cotton swab to add fun designs on your nails.

5. Makeup eraser: Use a cotton swab as a makeup eraser. Dip it in a little makeup remover and it works just like a charm!

6. Makeup scoop: If you are running low on foundation or creams then use a cotton swab to help scoop up the last drops.

7. Apply lipstick/gels: For long-lasting lipstick, apply the gel with your cotton swab to your lips and the outer edges.

8. Retouch makeup: Carry extra cotton swabs in your purse in case you ever need to retouch your makeup because the humdity tends to smudge your makeup.

9. Remove nail varnish: Use a cotton swab as a nail polish eraser. Dip it in a little solution then correct as needed.

10. Shape eyebrows: Use cotton swabs to help shape and fill in your eyebrows.

11. Apply creams: Whenever you need to add creams or makeup close to the eye you should use a cotton swab for precision.

12. Holds bun: You can even use a cotton swab to help secure a hair bun!

13. Eyelash curler: If you don't have an eyelash curler you could use a cotton swab. Right after you apply mascara, place the slim handle of the swab at the ends of your eyelashes for 30 seconds. This will help provide a natural curve when the mascara dries.

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