This viral video shows the moon dangerously close to the North Pole, but is it real?

Tiktok has once again left us speechless. In this new viral video, we see something we have never seen before.

The Moon
© Alexander Rieber / EyeEm
The Moon

It’s not every day that you see a colossal celestial star, making rounds and hovering dangerously close to the earth. However, this viral TikTok video shows exactly that. The mesmerising video shows the view of the moon from the Arctic region. The video appears to be hyper-realistic, so much so that many people actually believed that the 30-second clip is real.

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Moon close to North Pole

The video features the moon at the North Pole, where the day lasts 24 hours and the moon appears for only 30 seconds, completely blocking out the sun for five seconds before disappearing.

The clip, originally posted on TikTok, was retweeted on Twitter by a user. From there the video spread like wildfire, shared by hundreds and thousands of people who were just in awe of the beauty of nature.

The truth

The video might look real but it, in fact, is unreal. The video is a CGI production made by TikTok user @aleksey__nz. They are a CGI/VFX artist who has many such videos on their TikTok page.

There are some telltales that debunk the video itself. For instance, the North Pole grounds on the video appear with brown grass on the ground, however, the arctic is a subpar region with snow blankets on the ground. Despite the fake hyper-realistic video, it is indeed a very cool scene to watch.

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