Tesco shopper left shocked after finding this inside chocolate Santa

A Tesco treat revealed far more than a customer was prepared for.

Tesco shopper inside chocolate Santa
© Samuel Regan-Asante
Tesco shopper inside chocolate Santa

Many shoppers have brought stuff from established supermarkets only to be shocked and sometimes, horrified by what they find. For example, a Tesco shopper discovered her chicken is green from the inside. In another incident, a shopper found this crawling inside her broccoli.

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As reported by Daily Record, in the latest shopping related incident at Tesco, a shopper found something quite unexpected, and arguable, ridiculous inside her chocolate Santa.

This is actually not the first time a shopper found something 'X-rated' inside a packet of sweets.

Tesco shopper's strange surprise

Tesco's offering chocolate Santa, as a special Christmas season treat for only £1.

28-year-old Jason Greaves got himself the sweet treat. It's supposed to be a chocolate shaped in the form of a little Santa Claus, and is usually hollow in the middle.

The bizarre find on the candy gave the customer a good laugh Khaled Ossama

As per the report, Greaves unwrapped his chocolate Santa and noticed that there was 'an unusual penis-shaped' dollop of chocolate on the bottom half of the Santa chocolate.

The customer then took photos of the chocolate, and indeed, it shows the Santa candy with a smudge of chocolate on the bottom, that just looks like a member.

The customer informed Tesco about the chocolate

The find gave the customer a good laugh. He recounts,

When I saw it I had to look again. I just broke down laughing to be honest.
Of course if I was a kid this would be a different story. I did tell Tesco this but they didn't seem to care.

A Tesco spokesperson responded to the find saying,

Oops It looks as if Father Christmas has revealed a little too much on this occasion.
Of course if the customer wants to return the product then we can arrange this at their nearest large Tesco store.

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