Man makes shocking discovery after buying bananas from Tesco: 'I was completely stunned'

On his way to his favourite Tesco to buy bananas, a British man in his thirties did not think he would have an encounter that would scar him for life. On some yellow fruits nestled a colossal creature, with eight legs.

Man makes shocking discovery inside his Tesco's bananas
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Man makes shocking discovery inside his Tesco's bananas

You should be careful about what you buy in shops. Craig Harrison, a British man, got the scare of his life when he thought he was just going to fill his belly with the delicacy of bananas. After making a quick trip to Tesco where he bought a small pack of fruit, Craig Harrison went home. But, when he took a second look at what he had just bought, he made a terrifying discovery.

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This story is nothing short of a horror film, as you will see. Craig Harrison just wanted to enjoy some good bananas but instead of filling his belly, he fell over when he discovered that the fruit had become the home of a massive spider. The story told by Metro is guaranteed to give you cold sweats on your back.

A 'giant' spider on his bananas

At the time of purchase, the thirty-year-old did not know that his fruit was already someone else's property. So imagine his surprise at the moment when he ended up face-to-face with the massive eight-legged creature.

I don't think I've ever had such a reaction of shock and horror. I was completely stunned when I saw it.

Well Craig, we understand that reaction very well. Also, as if that wasn't enough, the spider had her egg sac on her. The batch of bananas was from the Dominican Republic. But, which specimen are we looking at?

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A Sparassidae, big but not deadly

To make the story even more frightening, our insect had to be a bit dangerous. Our British friend actually faced a Sparassidae, a creature whose size can reach ten centimetres. Although its bite is not fatal, it can be painful. Generally speaking, the Sparassidae is harmless to humans. But, remember to check your banana bags next time. This is not the first time that a spider has managed to nestle into a batch of bananas, rendering some customers nauseous.

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