This man's doctors stunned to discover his 'beer belly' was actually a 30-pound tumour

A 62-year-old American man went to hospital for a simple check-up, but the doctors discovered the incredible cause of his ailments.

man doctor beer belly health weird tumour
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man doctor beer belly health weird tumour

It's a case the doctors couldn't have imagined, even in their wildest dreams. Kevin Daly is a sixty-two-year-old, 6'2'' athletic man, who has always taken care of his body and his health. Only, after noticing a lump in his belly - which everyone mistook for a 'beer belly' - he went to hospital for a CT scan. This examination proved decisive for Kevin's future.

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A cancerous 'beer belly'

After undergoing heart surgery, Kevin Daly's doctors advised him to lose weight to take care of his newly repaired heart. This wasn't a problem for the athletic 62-year-old, who has always been active and careful about his physique.

Following medical advice, Kevin lost around 37 pounds, but couldn't get rid of his growing belly. While those around him suggested that it was a 'beer belly', common in men of a certain age, Kevin insisted that it had to be impossible, as he'd always hated beer.

'I dodged a couple of bullets'

His doctor ordered a CT scan, which proved to be fruitful. Indeed, a 30-pound malignant tumor was found in his abdomen. Dr Julio Teixeira rushed him to the operating room, but the operation was complex. The surgeon operated on Kevin for six hours, and had to remove a kidney, eaten away by the tumor.

Fortunately for Kevin, the cancer hadn't metastasized, and he's coming through it without the need for chemotherapy or radiation, with only regular follow-up to make sure the cancer doesn't return. He explains to CBS News:

I dodged a couple of bullets.

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