Tesco shopper left horrified after discovering her chicken is green from the inside

A family opened up their whole roast chicken to find out that its insides were definitely not what they expected to be eating.

Tesco shopper left horrified to find her chicken was green from the inside
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Tesco shopper left horrified to find her chicken was green from the inside

While getting your weekly shopping at the supermarket might not be everyone's favourite way to spend a morning, it is a very usual ritual for most. Let's face it, most people do not expect it to end with weird green meat! But for one couple in Kent, what was to be a meal with delicious Sunday roast turned out to be a disgusting dinner they are still struggling to get past.

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This is sadly not the first time supermarket shopping has ended up in nasty surprises. In the past, another Tesco customer had found a shocking thing inside their chicken, while still another shopper found a nasty surprise even inside pack of bananas. Not just Tesco, an Aldi shopper too, made some terrifying discovery in the store's broccoli.

Tesco chicken is cut open to reveal green meat

As reported by Kent Online, shopper, Anna Adamson, from Winchester Crescent in Gravesend brought a whole chicken from her local Tesco Express in Valley Drive. This was to be the meat for the family's Sunday roast.

The chicken looked completely ordinary, and also smelled normal. The shopper cooked the chicken and as the family got ready to eat, her husband started carving up the chicken. What the family then found inside was quite shocking, to say the least. The chicken meat was green in colour!

Mrs. Adamson recalls the incident saying,

I bought the chicken yesterday afternoon and it looked completely fine from the outside and it smelt normal.
I didn't think anything was unusual so I put it in the oven. When it was cooked, my husband started carving the meat and called me saying it was green.
I went out to have a look and I’ve never seen anything like it.

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Tesco apologises for the weirdly coloured chicken

The shocked family binned the green meat, but snapped a couple of photos of it first. Mrs. Adamson contacted Tesco through Facebook, and complained about the product. Tesco customer service team responded apologising for the matter, saying,

I'm really sorry this chicken was green when you have cut in to it, and I can understand how disappointing and frustrating this can be.
I have passed your concerns on to our store management team and supplier to have this looked in to further for quality monitoring purposes.

The customer was compensated with a digital £10 voucher by Tesco.

As per Kent Online, the weird colouring of the meat could be because of green muscle disease, which can be found in broiler chickens.

Whatever the reasons maybe, Mrs. Adamson states it will be unlikely that she would ever be buying Tesco chicken for her family in the future again.

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