Couple left horrified after biting into 'fingernail' in chicken from Marks & Spencer

What was to be a quiet Sunday meal turned into a disgusting nightmare for one couple who went food-shopping at M&S.

Couple left horrified after biting into 'fingernail' in chicken at Marks & Spencer dine-in
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Couple left horrified after biting into 'fingernail' in chicken at Marks & Spencer dine-in

Grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant or from a supermarket is usually a welcome treat to break the monotony of cooking at home. But what happens when such foods leaves you disgusted and stressed instead of satisfied and well-fed?

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As reported by Nottingham Post, one couple's food-shopping at Marks & Spencer ended in a gag-worthy surprise, enough to put them off M&S for ever.

Sadly, this is not the first time supermarket food has left people traumatised by some disgusting surprise. Earlier, shoppers have found unusual items inside packet of crisps, been horrified by a snake-like find in baked beans, and in one case, a shopper even discovered that the chicken they brought is green from the inside.

Couple finds this disgusting thing inside chicken

Deborah Stacey, 61 and her partner, Jason Davies visited an M&S dine-in and brought chicken, which they got for a super deal of £12 for two. The couple sat down to eat their chicken the next day.

All seemed normal with the food, until Jason bit into a piece of chicken, and found something weird. He thought it was a bit of gristle. What it turned out to be was a fingernail! Yuck!

The couple had brought the sweet and smokey spatchcock chicken from M&S Claudio Schwarz

Deborah recounts the horrible meal saying,

We bought it on Saturday and we ate it on Sunday. When my partner was eating it he thought there was a bit of gristle. It ended up being a fingernail.

Now, her partner has vowed never to eat chicken from M&S again. She continues saying,

He thought it was disgusting. He said he won't eat a chicken ever again from there. Obviously, it wasn't checked when they did their hygiene stuff.

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Couple regrets dining at M&S

The couple state that they do not have any trust left in M&S, and would rather pick Aldi for food-shopping.

The couple has reported the incident to M&S, who wrote back assuring them that they are investigating the matter. The store also promised to reimburse the couple for all the cost incurred by them due to the food, including the cost of sending the evidence.

The email from the brand reads,

I'm sorry your partner found a fingernail in the sweet and smokey spatchcock chicken. I can imagine what a shock this must've been and we appreciate you taking the time to let us know.

An M&S Spokesperson assured Nottingham Post of how seriously they are taking the complaint, saying,

We take the quality of our food extremely seriously and are investigating with our supplier. We are keeping the customer updated as we investigate.

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