This man ended up with a sharp object inside his eye after using a construction tool wrong

While handling a nail gun, a builder was hit in the eye by a projectile. The object pierced his eyeball, causing severe bleeding.

man object construction nail eye brain story weird
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man object construction nail eye brain story weird

Safety rules are not established by chance... In Malaysia, a man in his thirties was involved in the construction of a building. For some unknown reason, he failed to take the necessary precautions when handling a nail gun, and suffered a serious accident at work.

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The haemorrhage spread to his brain

The case of this injured thirty-year-old was the subject of an entry in the Cureus newspaper. In it, we learn that the man was not wearing safety glasses while handling a nail gun. The tool reportedly stopped working, prompting the worker to take a close look inside the barrel when the gun went off, sending a 3.2-centimeter projectile into his left eye.

As Cureus reports, the man was sent to the emergency room. He had no medical history, but was suffering from a headache and had lost his sight by the time he reached hospital. During the accident, a severe hemorrhage started and spread to several parts of his brain.

Loss of sight

Despite his condition, the patient was conscious and cooperative. Yet, according to analysis, the nail had 'lodged deep in the frontal lobe of the man's brain, a region critical for movement and speech'.

The nail was removed in one piece during surgery. According to one doctor:

He recovered well during his post-operative period, with no neurological deficit.

Miraculously, he even regained his sight during his convalescence.

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