You have been going to the toilet wrong, according to science

It turns out that most of us have been using toilets wrongly our whole lives! Here's how it should be done.

squatting position toilet
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squatting position toilet

In the UK, we tend to be a bit shy about any 'toilet talk', but this discussion is worth bringing up. Many scientists have come to the conclusion that the best position to use thetoilet wouldn't be to sit but to squat. Stay with us.

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Crouching not only protects us from microscopic bacteria but also limits contact with many diseases, such as haemorrhoids and even colon cancer! Although the latter theory has not yet been proven, there has been a real improvement seen in individuals with haemorrhoids. Let's get into the reason behind this, and how to best implement this 'squatting' position at home.

What the results show

When we squat, the angle of our legs changes from 90 to 35 degrees, which would be ideal, say some doctors. Indeed, studies show that squatting facilitates the evacuation of stooland limits too much pressure. It's the latter advantage that's the main factor of haemorrhoid problems because pushing too hard increasespressure on the abdomen and makes the veins leading to the anus swell.

That means, when we squat, we get rid of toxins and waste from our body more easily, and we limit the risk of contracting haemorrhoids. One study,carried out by the Ohio State University, asked participants to use a Squatty Potty for a month. 71% said they experienced faster bowel movements, and 90% reported straining less when going to the loo. Two-thirds said they would continue to use this method after the study ended. That's pretty conclusive.

A new market

A real market has been built around this new practice. To facilitate the transition to a squatting position while continuing to use our toilets, tools and platforms have been created and sold on the internet. However, there are some simple ways to get the same effect at home. As MedicalNewsToday points out, squatting over a pedestal toilet can be a challenge. However, placing a foot stool at your feet can help replicate the position and angle of a squat.

Many countries have already taken the plunge, so why not us too?

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