This reusable item is as unhygienic as licking a toilet bowl, here's how to get rid of the bacteria

Most of us think reusing water bottles is a good thing. It can be, but a study shows that reusing plastic water bottles without washing them could be dangerous.

Reusable water bottles bacteria
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Reusable water bottles bacteria

Hygiene is very important for our daily lives and yet, there are still people out there who do some pretty disgusting things. Often, this is because we don't even realise how dirty commonly used items can get. Think about it: when was the last time you cleaned your phone? Similarly, given the recent cold weather we've been having, everyone is wrapped up. It turns out you should probably be washing your favourite scarf much more regularly than you are.

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Well, the same thing applies to water bottles. But don't worry - there's a simple way to keep the bacteria at bay.

Why water bottles can be unhygienic

We know that we should be keeping hydrated throughout the day, and a great way to do this is to have a reusable water bottle near at all times.The vast majority of the population who use these bottles think nothing of it. But maybe we should be rethinking our habits.

Because as it turns out, they just might be one of the most'unhygienic' things we use on a daily basis. According to the, reusable water bottles could actually be covered in germs and to find out for sure, scientists proceeded to examine and test bottles used by an athlete over the period of one week.

The experiment's results

Their experiment concluded that the most contaminated bottle alone accounted for 900,000 bacteria per cm² (which is more bacteria than there are on atoilet bowl). A 'normal' reused bottle had 313,499 bacteria per cm². According to the researchers, 60% of these germs can make humans sick.

It is therefore essential to wash them thoroughly after each use. Experts at the University of Wisconsin-Madison recommend cleaning your bottle every day and sanitizing it once a week. To do this your weekly sanitization,rinse the inside of your bottle with a dilute bleach solution - you can use one teaspoon of bleach per quart of water. Try to dry it thoroughly overnight afterwards. This should keep your bottle nice and clean, and keep you in good health!

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