Here's how often you should wash your scarf

You'll be snuggling into your favourite scarf all winter long, but do you know how often you should wash it? We've got you covered!

How often you should wash your scarf
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How often you should wash your scarf

With the arrival of cool temperatures and winter, scarves, hats and gloves are gradually coming out. We use them every day in winter, but do you know how often they need to be cleaned? Here are our tips on how to wash your scarf properly in winter.

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How often should I wash my scarf?

Worn almost every day, covering your mouth and hair, protecting you from the wind, rain or cold - the scarf is a must-have when temperatures cool down. However, when we're not wearing it, we tend to drag it everywhere with us... A habit that can quickly get this accessory dirty, and we often forget to wash it!

In reality, a scarf should be washed once every three weeks, according to Glamour.

The reason? This accessory we wear on a regular basis turns out to be a veritable nest of germs. Dropping it on the floor, covering yourself with it when you've got a cold, or even just being in the subway, a scarf ends up harboring germs.

The risk? Catching viruses likethe flu, grastro-enteritis or a cold. So, remember to clean your scarf regularly!

How to wash a classic, synthetic or cashmere scarf

If your scarf is made of wool or silk, machine-wash it at 30°c to prevent fiber damage. What's more, this will totally eliminate bacteria.

If the accessory is made of synthetic material, it can be washed at 60°. Finally, if in doubt, wash by hand to avoid any unpleasant surprises.

Finally, if your scarf is cashmere, you can hand-wash it using wool detergent or a little shampoo diluted quickly and gently with water. Don't leave the scarf to soak too long to avoid damaging the product.

When it comes to drying, don't twist your cashmere scarf, but let it blot on a towel, then lay it flat on a clean surface so that the fibers can return to their original shape.

You can also machine-wash your cashmere scarf. To do this, you'll need to place your cashmere accessory in a special protective cover or pillowcase. Use special wool detergent and program your machine on a wool cycle. Make sure you don't select a spin cycle higher than 600 rpm, or even 400 rpm, to avoid damaging your cashmere scarf.

If you don't feel comfortable with the idea of making a washing mistake and thus permanently damaging your cashmere scarf, don't hesitate to visit a cashmere scarf store or contact a professional who can give you their tips.

How to choose a scarf

To be sure of buying the scarf or scarves that will see you through the colder months, there are several possibilities. For autumn, opt for a shawl or a thin scarf, which will be more than enough for the first few days, and remove the risk of feeling too warm under a thick wool scarf.

As soon as winter sets in, opt for materials like wool, cashmere and plaid scarves that you can wrap yourself in and keep warm.

When it comes to colors, make sure you choose an accessorythat will go with all your coats! It's better to choose a plain scarf that will go with your entire winter wardrobe than a patterned scarf that will be hard to match.

In short, as you can see, taking care of your scarves, whether they are made of cotton, synthetic materials or cashmere, requires care and meticulousness. All the more so as a scarf cut from a beautiful fabric can quickly become worn, so be careful!

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