Dental hygiene: What are the black triangles between teeth you sometimes get?

The dark, almost black coloured gap you can notice between your teeth might not be simply because of your brushing habits. Here's what they can mean.

black triangles between teeth
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black triangles between teeth

Dental health is extremely crucial. While it is a matter of aesthetics, the colour of your teeth can also indicate a lot about your health. In fact skipping on good dental hygiene can lead to serious health problems.

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But if you have been doing all you can to avoid things that can stain your teeth, but are still seeing black coloured triangles at the base of your teeth, here's all you should know about what it is, and how to fix it.

Black triangles between teeth

Metro reported on these black and brown gaps that wedge between two teeth, typically at the bottom of each teeth. Not only is it unsightly, but some people can find it appearing even when they think they have been doing the most for their dental hygiene.

The report quotes Dr Abdul Azizi, Principal Dentist of Harley Private Dentist Clinic, who shares that these black triangles do not by default, mean something horrible is going on with your teeth. It can however, indicate dental issues.

The shape and size of your teeth could also be responsible for these black gaps Caroline LM

He is quoted as saying,

Black triangles between your teeth are not inherently dangerous but may be associated with oral health concerns, like gum disease or gum recession.
‘They are not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene, as various factors, including genetics and tooth shape, can contribute to their development.
However, they can trap food particles and impact oral hygiene and aesthetics, which may warrant dental attention for cosmetic or preventive reasons.

Reasons for these black triangles between teeth

As per Metro, one of the reasons for these dark specks could be gum recession, which ‘occurs when the gum tissue that normally covers the roots of teeth begins to pull away, exposing part of the tooth’s root.’ This can appear as a black gap between teeth.

Loss of bone support as a result of periodontal (gum) disease can also lead to gums pulling away from teeth, creating gaps.

The shape and size of your teeth could also be responsible for these gaps. Even age and the resulting changes in your body could lead to these black triangles.

Orthodontic treatment, like braces or aligners, are also responsible for it in some cases.

Good dental hygiene, no smoking, and gentle flossing can help you keep things in shape. If you are affected by it, you should visit a dentist to determine a solution for it.

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