Butt hygiene: This is why you should switch to a bidet

If you want your butt-washing experience to be more hygienic and eco-friendly, you need to install a bidet in your bathroom.

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The way you clean your butt after a nice unloading depends on where you come from. For some, a few squares of toilet paper will do the trick. However, there are other countries and cultures that take butt-washing to a whole new level—mainly through the use of bidets.

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What is a bidet?

A bidet is essentially a contraption that sprays water around your anus to get rid of any excess ‘debris.’ A standard bidet that most people are familiar with is the one that looks kind of like a toilet. However, there are many types of bidets that don’t take that much space—including a handheld bidet, a portable bidet that you can fill up with water, and there are bidet attachments that you can add inside your toilet.

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Butt-cleaning techniques are private to every individual, and discussing them in public can quickly turn into a heated argument of whose method is right. But you should know that there are certain advantages of switching to a bidet. Here they are!

Benefits of a bidet

Right off the bat, bidets are known to be more hygienic for your hands and your butt. The water is more likely to take off all the residue that has accumulated around the area, and your hands will also have less contact with excrement. Evan Goldstien, an anal surgeon, told The Washington Post:

From a hygiene perspective, it just clearly makes sense.
You're able to get rid of any extra residual that's there. The bidet has always been part and parcel to anal hygiene.

Secondly, experts believe that bidets could also be better for the sensitive skin around your butt. Goldstein says that over-wiping is a huge issue that leads to micro-cuts, bleeding, and rashes. That being said, if you are using a bidet, you should still pat the skin dry to prevent any infections from developing in the area.

Better for the environment

Last, but certainly not least, using bidets has actually been found to be better for the environment than using toilet paper. Healthline spoke with Carrie Yang works in a company that sells affordable bidet attachments called TUSHY. She explained:

People are shocked about the environmental benefits [of bidets].
You save a lot of water every year by using a bidet.
It takes 37 gallons of water to make just one roll of toilet paper.

According to the health media, ‘using a bidet only consumes about one pint of water’ but it can vary depending on the person.

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If you are thinking of switching to a bidet, there are some things you need to watch out for. For instance, if your bidet is running on hot water, it is possible to suffer severe burns, so make sure that the water temperature is adjusted to cold or lukewarm. You should also regularly clean your bidet so that it's not infected with bacteria.

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