5 body parts you aren’t washing enough which get ‘gross’, including your toes and nails

Is taking a quick shower enough to keep our bodies clean? This doctor insists we are being too complacent with washing ourselves, and these 5 body parts especially are left dirty most of the time.

5 body parts you aren’t washing enough and they 'get gross'
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5 body parts you aren’t washing enough and they 'get gross'

Dr Jen Caudle got down and dirty with her TikTok followers over their lack of hygiene. She has recently posted a video sharing the top 5 areas you probably don’t wash enough about, and her revelations were met with mixed reactions.

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1. Belly button: ‘It gets gross!’

Dr Jen Caudle, who has racked up nearly 90,000 loyal followers and more than 1.3 million likes on TikTok, seriously doubts that you’re washing your belly button properly.

She declared in the now-viral clip, which already has over 1 million views:

Guys, it gets gross! Please wash your belly button.

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2. Ears: Are you washing them enough?

The self-proclaimed ‘America’s family doctor’ also advises you to pay attention to your ears.

She explains:

The top of the ear, behind this little area here, the back and also the lobe.

She advises to ‘specifically wash that area’, saying that ‘if you rub your ear, you smell it and it’s gross, you haven’t washed it recently’.

3. Nails: ‘This is where a lot of grossness gets trapped’

Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

Next, the doctor points her finger at people for not properly washing their nails.

She adds:

This is where a lot of dirt and grossness gets trapped. We don’t often think about it!

It is important to make sure you brush all the dirt from under your nails as it can stay there forever, with bacteria multiplying by an hour.

4. Legs: Are you really washing them?

The fourth thing the health influencer simply can’t stand is when people don’t wash their legs.

She says:

Yes, you actually need to wash your legs.

And she points out that she’s not talking about letting that soap run down your legs in the shower but about actual washing.

5. What’s there between your toes?

Photo by MART PRODUCTION on Pexels.com

And the final way people can put their best foot forward in embracing cleanliness is by washing their toes.

Dr Jen Caudle urges:

Get in between those toes. You want to make sure you’re preventing infections of many sorts. Make sure you’re deliberately washing your toes!

You can easily remove any dirt between your toes with a gentle brush or a sponge with a few drops of shower gel on it.

Mixed reaction

Some of the doctor’s followers appreciated her advice and focus on cleanliness but others expressed scepticism.

One social media user wrote:

Who DOESN’T wash these parts? I thought that we were all grown here!!

Another one added:

I don’t like my belly button touched lol it makes me nauseous and lightheaded.

Someone chimed in:

I be forgetting to wash my belly button.

Another comment reads:

I find it sad this has to be said.

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Hygiene: Even adults forget to wash this part of their body, are you one of them? Hygiene: Even adults forget to wash this part of their body, are you one of them?