This Japanese trick will calm your anxiety and panic attacks in just 5 minutes

Anxiety and stress are more prevalent than we think, and not exactly pleasant to live with on a daily basis... Fortunately, there's a Japanese method to eradicate all this negativity.

This 5-minute Japanese trick might cure your anxiety and panic attacks
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This 5-minute Japanese trick might cure your anxiety and panic attacks

Mental health needs to be protected as much as possible. Unfortunately, a number of everyday factors can trigger panic attacks and anxiety. Whether it's at work, with people we know or in the street with strangers, certain situations can be difficult to control and our emotions complicated to calm. But this time, don't panic! There's a simple, effective method for dealing with stress, and it comes to us straight from Japan.

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Hand self-massage: the Japanese method that eradicates stress and anxiety

According to a study published in 2014 in the National Library of Medicine, a Japanese trick is effective against anxiety and stress in just a few minutes. The study was carried out on nurses, who saw a considerable reduction in stress in the space of five minutes. This method is a hand massage that is part of Jin Shin Jyutsu, now popularised on TikTok. The practice involves concentrating on the circulation of energy in the body while applying pressure to the hands. The aim? To re-establish the circuits thanks to this self-massage of the hand, which is impregnated with the emotional functions of each finger.

Clinical social worker Anne K. Carlsen told that each finger is associated with an emotion. So pressing on the thumb helps to repel these negative waves. Massaging the index finger helps to ward off fears and the middle finger, anger and bitterness. Pressure on the ring finger helps to combat depression and melancholy. Finally, pressure on the little finger gets rid of stress and boosts optimism and self-esteem.

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Japanese tip tutorial

This method to combat anxiety and stress is very simple to perform. Start by turning one hand towards you and then wrap the other hand around the finger that needs attention. All you then have to do is hold pressure on this finger for one or two minutes until you feel your pulse.

According to the same study, you can apply pressure to your palm with your thumb for greater effectiveness. Repeat the self-massage until the feeling of stress has disappeared. You should see results within a few minutes.

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