5 Tips To Fight Against Winter Depression

Winter is coming: here are 5 tips to keep your spirits up!

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Winter is often the season for depressive moods. With the rain, the lack of light and the holidays that seem a little far away, it's hard to stay positive! So what happens? We brood, snack and gain weight. In short, you are not feeling at your best and you are withdrawing into yourself. Don't worry, it is possible to experience winter in a more peaceful way. Here are 5 tips to get you started!

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Fill up on vitamins

In winter, we lack vitamins. Ideal to fight against fatigue, you can rely on vitamins B, C as well as magnesium and fibres. Where can you find them? In whole foods, fruits, vegetables, mineral-rich waters, legumes and cereals! If you are feeling very tired, you can take small vitamin capsules.

Start exercising

In winter, the motivation to wear trainers tends to decrease. Rain, fog and falling temperatures are a good excuse to postpone your workout. However, physical activity is an excellent routine to feel good in your body and mind! If facing the cold to go running in the park discourages you, focus instead on an activity that is practised indoors such as indoor fitness, swimming or yoga!

Go outside

In winter, we tend to stay indoors. However, going for a breath of (very) fresh air in the forest or in a park will do you a world of good. You clear your mind, enjoy the benefits of nature and natural light. Try to adapt your route during the week or plan a nice walk on the weekends. When you get home, make yourself a delicious hot chocolate, it will be well deserved!

Take care of yourself

If there is a time to take care of yourself, it's in winter! And for good reason: our body needs it. On the agenda? A warm bubbly bath, relaxing candles, moisturising masks and inspiring readings. Take the time to enjoy some cocooning time!

Meet up with people

The summer season often rhymes with aperitifs and mojitos, while winter often means long evenings on the couch. If rooftop parties are to be avoided, take the opportunity to invite your friends to your home for a brunch, a gourmet tea time or a delicious dinner. These little moments of togetherness will cheer you up!

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